Video: How To Get In Shape Fast

We all know how difficult it is to get back in the water after the usual week or two break following a championship meet season. You’ve been eating like a kind, watching everything on Netflix, and have seemingly caught up on all of the missed hours of sleep accumulated throughout the season. It’s time to get back into shape.

This week, we are reviewing one of our favorite workouts to use in that very early stage of a training season. It helps with all forms of conditioning, but most emphasis is put on your kick. You will start out stationary kicking on the wall with your head down and working on some breath control. The moment coach whistles to go, you are going to perform a perfect flip turn, powerful push-up, whip out some underwater kicks and breakout into a full sprint lap to the other side.

This is beneficial in many ways. We are conditioning our legs to mimic how they would feel at the end of a race, breath control helps get that heart rate up and really makes for a killer aerobic set, and then the flip turn into the sprint puts an emphasis on the swimmer to focus on a single lap of all out speed, allowing them to focus on the technique that they are performing rather than the many multiples of the set that they would be doing later in the season.

Be sure to use this workout with coaching supervision as breath control is never to be done alone.

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