Video: Beach City Swimming Demonstrates Safe Practice Protocols

by Robert Gibbs 9

July 15th, 2020 Club, Coronavirus, News, Video

While some teams have been back in the water for a while now, teams in other locations are just starting to resume practices. However, it appears that swim practices are going to be looking a little different for the foreseeable future, and Beach City Swimming of Redondo Beach, California, has put together a great video to help swimmers and parents visualize their new practice protocols. See it below:

Back in May, we highlighted a similar video that Lafayette Aquatics of Louisiana did, and mentioned a few things that that video did particularly well. You can watch that video as well, but we’ll note a few similar area where Beach City also excelled with their video:

  1. Clear, concise instructions about to bring, what to wear, and getting from the parking lot to the pool, as well as what exactly would happen between the parking the lot and the pool (e.g., temperature checks and calling parents immediately in case of a fever).
  2. Multiple reminders about refraining from all physical contact.
  3. X marks the spot – although in this case, the spots are marked by small orange cones.
  4. The video also clearly shows exactly where swimmers should position themselves within each lane.
  5. Reminds swimmers about sanitizing equipment after each practice.
  6. Like the Lafayette video, the voiceover for Beach City’s video is calm, but serious, literally setting the tone for how swimmers need to keep in mind the safety protocols that the team will have in place for the return to practice.

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6 months ago

Good for them for thinking through a possible solution!

Reply to  CA_LAWYER
6 months ago

Incredible effort from our COVID Committee. Great work Beach Cities Swimming. Stay safe out there!

6 months ago

Excellent message to send that we can actually resume some activities with a little precaution. My team has been practicing for a month now and loving every minute of it. Nobody groans now when coach gives us that hard set.

6 months ago

Absolute pain in the rear we have to do this…but really well done video, bravo!