USA Swimming Now Mandating Cancellation of Sanctioned Events Through April

USA Swimming has updated its previous recommendation that all of its sanctioned events be canceled through April and is now mandating that outcome as response to the COVID-19 pandemic strengthens nationwide.

“Since first communicating with our members about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have received ample feedback, much of it focused on the safety measures being recommended. We sincerely appreciate the comments and responses you are sharing,” the organization wrote Tuesday. “As of today, the CDC and White House are urging a nationwide halt to gatherings of more than 10 people for the next eight weeks, citing the risk of the coronavirus. This includes avoiding eating or drinking in bars, restaurants, and food courts, and discretionary travel, shopping trips and social visits. This should also include team training and practices.”

The situation will be “continuously reassessed based on health and governmental authorities’ information,” the announcement said.

Monday, USA Swimming announced the cancellation of the upcoming Pro Swim Series stop in Mission Viejo, which was slated for April 16-18, and postponed the Open Water National and Junior National Championships, which were scheduled for Fort Myers at the end of April. Numerous age group meets – including major sectional championships – have been canceled over the last week, but the new mandate ensures none will go on.

The final stop of the 2019-20 Pro Swim Series is slated for May 6-9 in Indianapolis – just a week after the current moratorium is scheduled to end.

With the CDC and White House’s latest recommendations, swimmers from early age group level up through professionals are scrambling to find facilities open for workouts.

Olympian Lilly King, for example, told USA Today that she and fellow Indiana University swimmers are struggling to find a pool as both the university and local YMCAs have shuttered. Likewise, Stanford-based swimmers have had to leave campus. Tuesday, a large group of U.S.-based swimmers had to vacate the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs after the state ordered the facility to shut down.

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Irish Ringer

At this point it would be assumed most athletes are going to be out of the water for a period of time, most likely a few months, so they start training again in mid to late May. That’s not enough time to prepare for the Olympics if it holds to the original schedule.


The fact is it’s for most athletes.
If the Olympics take place this year it won’t be about competing for world records but being the best you can be that day and celebrating the world being together.


Oh boy if you think The United States will have this done under control in May I got bad news for you


I have great news for YOU- we will overcome this move forward and succeed once we have our freedom and liberties renewed. Control the herd, control the reality and they will do virtually anything as long as you create the reality of why it is their own good idea to do so. Take it from a guy who generally despises conspiracy theories, everyone should be uncomfortable with how easily and QUICKLY America was shut down. Nothing controls an institutionalized group of people better than fear, history has proven that. If you want to know how America could lose itself someday, you are watching an orchestrated example. If you are at risk for getting the regular flu every year, then take… Read more »


You know covid-19 has a higher fatality rate than the Flu and is highly contagious, not going out isn’t about protecting me it’s about protecting the immune compromised people of this earth and the elderly


Per the CDC this has unknown incubation period and a death rate of 3%, which is 30 times higher than the regular flu. Well it is a percentage!! with a smaller pool. How many reported Coronoviruses are there vs. A/B? 200k vs. 1 BILLION? Do the math!! Do you know what is a PANDEMIC every year….FLU A/B with over 1 BILLION cases worldwide.


You should go socialize in an NY or CA hospital. See if you can rent a room. We’ll smell ya later.


If anyone knows any pools still open anywhere please let me know. I need to train before Olympic trials. I’m willing to travel

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