Global Debut: Powerskin Carbon Ultra Official Release

The Powerskin Carbon- Ultra incorporates a new level of support and movement management with an internal structure – the ULTRA-LINK SYSTEM – designed to optimise the athlete’s physiology.

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Tucker Dupree and Michelle Konkoly Break 3 American Records

Tucker Dupree and Michelle Konkoly set 3 new American Records this past weekend at the ECAC Championships, held at the US Naval Academy.

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BridgeAthletic Building Blocks Series – Championship Plyometrics

The BridgeAthletic Building Blocks Series is a set of 5 exercises that can be performed on the pool deck by swimmers with a basic level of dryland experience and proficiency.

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Science: 5 Proven Reasons Tracking Your Workouts Will Make You Fast

Here are 5 proven ways that the simple act of tracking your workouts can make you a better and faster swimmer.

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Why Freestyle Body Rotation Matters (Video)

Body Rotation is one of the key ingredients to a fast freestyle swim technique.

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4 Tips for Championships Success

You want all the work you’ve put in this season to pay off at exactly the right time, the championship meets. There’s no better feeling than realizing a dream you’ve worked so hard for. Many athletes think swimming fast at the big meet is a big mystery, but it doesn’t need to be.

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Make Your Swimming Goals Easier, Not Bigger (And Yet Still Do Big Things. What?)

Achieving your goals in the pool is tough work. Here is how to make it a little bit (okay, fine– a lot) easier.

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The Mindset Within the Fastest 4×100 Relay Anchor Leg Ever

What goes through the mind of an Olympic champion while swimming the fastest anyone has ever swam? Put yourself in their position…


16 Reasons you will love SwimSwam Magazine 2016 Swimsuit Issue

ONE: The last issue, our premiere issue, was 132 pages. The 2016 SwimSwam Swimsuit Issue is 168 pages!

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The SwimSwamMag 2016 Swimsuit Issue Cover Athlete Is…

SwimSwam Magazine officially announces the next cover. 11-time Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte will headline the 2016 Swimsuit Issue!

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After School Snacks For Swimmers

Most athletes are “starving” when they finish school. Think about what it’s like to finish school and be headed straight to swim practice for three hours…sound familiar?!


Krayzelburg and Lezak headline Travel Experience and Swim Camp in Israel (Video)

4-time Olympic Gold Medalist Lenny Krayzelburg and 8-time Olympic Medalist Jason Lezak will lead a camp and cultural experience in ‘The land of Creation’ Israel June 15-24, 2016.

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5 Reasons Why Breaststroke Is Getting Faster

Over the past decade, breaststroke have undergone massive time drops. The Men’s 100-meter breaststroke 2000 Olympic Champion would have placed 19th at the 2015 World Championships.


Biggest Worry about Olympic Trials answered by Mutual of Omaha

If you’re a swimmer going to U.S. Olympic Trials, you are in for the most inspirational meet you will ever see. But the biggest concern of you (and your coach) is where you are going to train while enjoying this amazing event.

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