Why You Aren’t Improving As Fast As You’d Like

When you aren’t seeing the results you want in the pool it’s usually because your expectations are out of whack….

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A Letter to My Swim Coach

Some of us have that great coach early on and never let them go while others find them later in their careers. Whatever the case, they end up leaving a clear footprint on who you become as the years progress.

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New FINA Interpretation Will Force Swimmers to Learn 2 Flipturns

Ryan Lochte’s attempt at innovation has permanently changed a fundamental part of a legal freestyle flipturn.


How Effective Self-talk Can Create Positive Results in the Pool

Positive self-talk promotes better performances in the pool, increased motivation, and most importantly, a healthier lifestyle.

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FINIS launches new MP3 Player — The DUO

FINIS is proud to announce the release of the Duo, an underwater MP3 player designed to help swimmers find more enjoyment in the pool by allowing them to experience music underwater.

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Win a Free Brick!

Fike Swim Products is giving away a free Brick, the world’s first-ever weighted kickboard.

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FINIS Goggles Give Back through So More Can Swim Initiative

FINIS, Inc., a worldwide leader in technical swimming innovation, is more than just your normal swimming brand. The FINIS So…

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6 Tips to Supercharge Your Workouts

Make the most of your time in the pool by implementing these 6 tips for better workouts for swimmers.


7 Questions to Better Goals for Swimmers

Do you set yourself big goals at the beginning of the season? Are there things you want to do with your swimming – know that you can do with your swimming – but you aren’t sure how to get from where you are now to where you dream to be?

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3 Olympians Building Champions in Colorado Springs Tomorrow

The Mutual of Omaha BREAKout! Swim Clinic led by Josh Davis will be building swim champions at Cheyenne Mountain High School Pool in Colorado Springs, CO today from 1-5pm featuring Gold Medalists Allison Schmitt and Conor Dwyer.

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Kettlebell Streamline Snatch

This group has done the exercise a lot this fall and every time Larry Arnold explains it I’m more convinced that this is why our walls are sharper than ever.

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Kick Pro, The Revolutionary Breaststroke Training Tool

Scott Weltz, 2012 US Olympic Team: “The Kick Pro was great because they allow fast swimming with a narrow kick. I was able to do fast pace (swimming) with the straps. They were not a hinderance at all.”

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BridgeAthletic Building Blocks – MB#1

The BridgeAthletic Building Block Series is a set of 5 exercises that can be modified for swimmers of all levels to perform on pooldeck.

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How To Train Through That Dreaded Plateau

When training, at any level, a lot of people struggle with progress after training for a while and hit a plateau. This is commonly known as the ‘plateau syndrome’.

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My 3 Favourite Strategies for Exceptional Swim Practices

Wanna get more from your practices? Here are my 3 favorite strategies for getting the absolute most from your time spent in the water.

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