Smoothies can make a good post-workout meal replacement!

Smoothies and smoothie bowls make great meal replacements, as long as you choose ingredients from each of the smoothie guide categories. This will ensure that you are getting nutrients you need.


16 Reasons You Will Love The 2016 Olympic Preview Issue

#1 – Michael Phelps in gold

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The Art of Breathing in Swimming

While swimming, breathing is not that simple. The questions ‘How often do we breathe?’ ‘Where do we breathe?’ or even ‘How do we breathe?’ are legitimate ones. The answers are not that obvious, either.


6 Questions Swim Parents Always Ask

This post was originally posted at You can join Olivier’s weekly motivational newsletter for swimmers by clicking here. They…

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Fusion Swim Camps Feature Top-notch Swim Programs at the University of Denver & Denison University

The two 2016 Fusion Swim Camps have been set up so young swimmers can hone their skills in competitive strokes, turn mechanics, breathing and body positioning. A strong emphasis is placed on overall conditioning.

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Are you a Student of Swimming?

What are the obstacles you face to improving as a swimmer? Look no further than your passion for the sport.

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ROKA wins Red Dot Award for Product Design of their R1 goggle

The goggle proved its excellence in the most prestigious international competition for product design, which this year included a record 5,214 products from 57 nations.

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Olympic Champion Janet Evans on the Importance of Using a Logbook

Before Katie Ledecky it was Janet Evans who was the most dominant freestyler America had ever produced. The 3-time Olympian discusses the importance of logging your workouts in order to swim fast.

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Why you need to perfect your backstroke kick

Junya and Olympic champion Roland Schoemann demonstrate two important dryland exercises that help increase the flexibility of the ankle.

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Kelsi Worrell 100 Fly – Most Dominant Swim of Women’s NCAAs

As fans, in reviewing competitions, we have found it fascinating to view each meet through the perspective of ultimate domination.

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How to Fuel Up for NCAA Championships

Garrett Weber-Gale: “When I swam at NCAA’s I competed in 14 races over three days… I was dead by the time NCAA’s was over.”

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Yoga for Swimmers (Video): A Short Sequence to Improve Your Freestyle

The demands of freestyle require athletes to have great shoulder stability, a strong core and keen proprioception…

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11 Reasons You Will Love The 2016 Olympic Preview Issue

# 1 – The SwimSwam 2016 Olympic Preview Issue will be 196 pages!

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Top 10 Reasons To Attend Central States Clinic May 21-22 In Chicago

Held every year in mid-May in Oak Brook, IL the Central States Clinic strives to bring the top speakers, coaches and Olympians to equip coaches to make their profession and sport better. Come meet 4x Olympian, Captain of 2008 and 2012 USA Team, World Record Holder, Jason “The Anchor” Lezak.

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BridgeAthletic March Olympic Trials Preparation Tips

Just under 100 days until Omaha. We’ve gone from counting the months to counting the days. The hay is in the barn, the work is done – it’s now time to fine tune your efforts and work on your speed.

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