Neal Studd Swim Camp @ Florida State University

NEAL STUDD SWIM CAMP: Swim with a 2012 Olympic Head Coach and seven time Coach of the Year on the campus of the Florida State Seminoles!

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Coleman’s Carpool: James Fike Signs Zane Grothe, goes :49 100 fly, and was the King of 6-Square

If you don’t know who James Fike is, you probably should. His life revolves around swimming, in almost every way you can imagine. Let’s start from the beginning


Goal Setting Or Performance Planning? Impacting A Positive Mindset

At one time or another we have all been encouraged to set meaningful goals for ourselves.

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How To Mentally Cope With Your Taper

With championship seasons popping up over the next few months for all levels of college swimming across the US, I wanted to discuss a topic that every college swimmer can relate to and utilize going into their championship meets: The importance of mentally coping with the tapering process.

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Practice + Pancakes: Springfield Aquatics Rocks Tempo Trainers and Touchpads

SwimSwam took a visit down to Springfield Aquatics and stayed for a practice with their senior group with lead coach, Thomas Baumann.

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Freestyle Head Position

While swimming freestyle, the positions of least frontal drag do not necessarily correlate with the positions of maximum propulsive power.


The Tao Of Exercise: Winter Swim Training Edition

In 2011, after eighteen years out of competitive swimming, I returned to the pool and masters swimming, winning two USMS National titles at the age of 40.


600 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 1287 Swim Jobs listed.

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Competitor Coach of the Month: Kevin Tyrell, Harvard

Over the month of January, coach Kevin Tyrell and the Harvard Crimson men have rolled up a 4-0 dual meet record, including a cross-country road win against 10th-ranked Arizona State.


UCSD Head Coach David Marsh 1-Minute Open Turn Clinic (Video)

UCSD head coach David Marsh shared a tidbit of knowledge with SwimSwam, giving his swimmers a keen insight into what makes a fast and efficient open turn.


596 New Swim Jobs You Might Love

Want a job in swimming? We have over 1283 Swim Jobs listed.

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Posterior Oblique Sling Enhancing Swimming Performance

Glute activation alone can be a difficult for athlete to manage. We see this even at the Olympic level, in a form of performances where athlete is very front line dominated.


Teen Swim Entrepreneurs Attract Olympic Backing: Only 72 Hours Left To Fund This Dream

Tune in to the IronWomen Podcast tonight to hear Teen Swimpreneurs Niki and Becca share their story and gratitude for the amazing show of support they have seen from some of the greatest swim athletes of our time. 

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Coaches Corner: Dressel’s Developmental Training For Future Success

Caeleb Dressel is doing things that many fans of the sport find unbelievable.


Rebecca Soni Breaststroke Wall Kicks, 92 per 45 seconds (Video)

Stroke rate for breaststroke is quite variable, particularly for the 200. Regardless, the speed at which the legs are drawn forward and push backward to provide propulsion is critical.