Fike Swim Signs Drew Loy

Drew Loy, the newest Fike Swim ambassador, is a former Ohio State University standout who recently moved to Gainesville to train with Gregg Troy’s pro group.

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Fog-X: The Only Long Lasting, One-Time Application Anti-Fog Fix

We know your pain. That’s why we decided to create a solution that would finally fix the biggest, worst, most annoying problem in swimming!

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Wear What You Want! FINIS X JOLYN Collab Puts Athletes First

Any team can opt in to the new JOLYN x FINIS “non-tract” and get the best prices on men’s & women’s swimwear, training gear, apparel and techsuits. 

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Smack Swim Strap Gives Your Swimmer Goggle Comfort

Smack Strap is a unique braided elastic replacement goggle strap designed to reduce goggle straps pressure while ensuring goggles are water tight.

Aqua Knuckles FAQ: Everything You Need To Know About The Training Aid

Aqua Knuckles continues to improve technique by training swimmers to swim with open fingers. Here’s a review of the company’s most frequently asked questions.

The Watercannon Portable Aerator Solves The problem Of Hot Swimming Pool Water

Coaches and swimmers know that training in hot pool water leads to overheating and exhaustion. The warmer the water, the less heat dissipated from the body.

Fake Swimming News From Funky Trunks and Funkita

Funky Trunks and Funkita release collections to help make your return to the water less painful. (Funkita Red Ribbons worn by Britain’s young gun Mia Slevin)

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Smack Swim Strap Is Perfectly Designed For Your Goggle Comfort

Doctors are not always clear why swimmers suffer headaches commonly called “swim goggle headache” but making goggles fit well minimizes the risk.

A3 Performance Signs World University Games Gold Medalist Veronica Burchill

Burchill is a 2-time World University Games Gold Medalist, 2-time World Championship Gold Medalist, and 20-time NCAA All-American.

Train Safe with SwimOutlet’s Training Bundles!

The CDC has highlighted that swimming in pools is safe, but experts have also recommended bringing your own equipment. See SwimOutlet’s Train Safe Bundles.

Get Your Swimming Feel For The Water Back With Aqua Knuckles

Swimmers and coaches will find using Aqua Knuckles at the beginning of workouts is best because swimmers have their best attention to detail at this time. 

Do Your Swim Goggle Straps Hurt Your Head, Try Smack Swim Strap

Smack Strap is a unique braided elastic replacement goggle strap designed to reduce pressure from goggle straps while ensuring goggles are water tight.

Anti Wave Starting Blocks and Ledges

Anti Wave continues its long tradition of industry-leading product innovation with the release of their new Adjustable Backstroke Start Ledge models.

FORM Smart Swim Goggles Contest Giveaway on SwimSwam Instagram

Win a pair of FORM Smart Swim Goggles—swim goggles with a smart display on SwimSwamNEWS Instagram here. Contest ends 5pm PST on Friday, June 5th 2020.

S.R.Smith Expands Competition Product Range and Updates Lane Line Reel Design

S.R.Smith enhanced its commercial product line with a new backstroke starting system, as well as, updating its XL Capacity Lane Line Reel.