Thiago Pereira Drops Out of Jose Finkel Due To Illness

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by Retta Race 4

August 20th, 2015 News

The Jose Finkel Trophy continues in São Paulo, Brazil today, however, one notable athlete will be absent from the heat sheets.  Thiago Pereira has dropped out of the meet due to a sinus infection and fever, according to the Brazilian Swimming Federation (CBDA).

Pereira had already completed in the men’s 100m butterfly, where he took the win in the B Final.  The 29-year old also claimed the top seed in the men’s 400m IM during yesterday’s heats, but ended up scratching the final, giving a hint last night that something was awry. Below is the Twitter notification sent by the CBDA this morning:


During the Pan American Games this year, Pereira became the most successful swimmer in the history of those Games, as well as the most successful overall athlete, bringing an incredible haul of 23 medals back to Brazil over the course of his participation in the meet.

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Bing translation is awful.


Did he take a dip in the Open-Water venue?


Finkel is happening in São Paulo, the open water problems are in Rio. Also a sinus infection isn’t caused by water pollution, it’s mostly a chronic disease.

herp derpson

jose finkel…possibly related to RAY FINKEL. FINKEL IS EINHORN, EINHORN IS FINKEL

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