Texas Freshman David Johnston Breaks NAG in 1000 Going out for 1,650 (W/ Video)

by Robert Gibbs 17

October 17th, 2020 College, Records

Texas, Texas A&M, Southern Methodist University

  • October 16-17, 2020
  • Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center, Austin, TX
  • 25 yards
  • Unscored
  • Live Results (Also on Meet Mobile as “2020 ST TEX First Chance Meet”)
  • Day 1 Results

Texas freshman David Johnston clipped the 17-18 National Age Group record in the 1000 free today while racing the 1650 at the Texas First Chance Invite today in Austin.

Johnston’s split at the 1000 of 8:45.38 was 0.12s than the previous mark of 8:45.50, set by Bobby Finke back in 2018. Finke, of course, would go on to become the fastest man ever by a wide margin in the 1650 earlier this year.

Johnston has been on a gnarly improvement curve over the last year or so. At this point in 2019, his lifetime best in this event stood at 9:21.78. He then improved to 9:08.96 in November and 8:58.35 in December before knocking nearly another 13 seconds off of his personal best today.

While the 1000 isn’t contested at NCAAs, the 1650 is, and Johnston’s trajectory has been also impressive there, going from 15:28.62 to 15:05.20 to 14:51.42 last year, before recording a new best time of 14:47.75 today. Johnston wasn’t really on the radar during our initial rankings of the high school boys class of 2020, but he jumped up to #16 in our final rankings, thanks to the fastest mile time in the class.

Splits (first 1000)
49.90 (25.84)
1:15.88 (25.98)
1:42.12 (26.24)
2:08.25 (26.13)
2:34.56 (26.31)
3:00.95 (26.39)
3:27.42 (26.47)
3:53.85 (26.43)
4:20.30 (26.45)
4:46.84 (26.54)
5:13.35 (26.51)
5:39.76 (26.41)
6:06.36 (26.60)
6:32.76 (26.40)
6:59.23 (26.47)
7:25.81 (26.58)
7:52.29 (26.48)
8:18.76 (26.47)
8:45.38 (26.62)

Splits for the rest of the race
9:11.68 (26.30)
9:38.10 (26.42)
10:04.88 (26.78)
10:31.54 (26.66)
10:58.26 (26.72)
11:25.15 (26.89)
11:52.18 (27.03)
12:19.59 (27.41)
12:47.91 (28.32)
13:17.38 (29.47)
13:47.80 (30.42)
14:18.43 (30.63)
14:47.75 (29.32)

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3 months ago

Congrats David!

Reply to  Swimmer
3 months ago

Quick question, was he going for the 1000 or 1650?

Reply to  Swimmer
3 months ago

must have been given those final splits haha. still great time though.

Reply to  Random123
3 months ago

Oof, that last 200 looks like it really hurt! Still, one hell of an effort. Maybe by the end of the season he’ll be able to hold it together all the way.

Last edited 3 months ago by Pags
Reply to  Swimmer
3 months ago

Looks like he was going for the 1650, but the last 350ish the piano started to fall on him. Between the first 50 and the 1300 mark, every split was between 25.8 and 26.8. If he had maintained that pace, he would’ve been somewhere around 14:33. This kid’s gonna be quick in March

3 months ago

There was obviously no room for the piano in the ISL bubble, so Tom let this kid borrow it for the time being! Still an excellent swim

3 months ago

I mean this mans said he was gonna be the first under 4 and 14 🤡

DJ Fan
Reply to  Chugus
3 months ago

Give him a break. He trains his butt off, is on an incredible trajectory and sets his sights super high. Today was an off day and he still set the NAG in the 1000!!! I wish my good days were half as good as his bad days.

Last edited 3 months ago by DJ Fan
Billy Bob Joe
Reply to  Chugus
3 months ago

You’ve gotta believe it before you can do it

David Johnston
Reply to  Chugus
3 months ago

Yeah? That’s the goal. U think I’m in my prime

Last edited 3 months ago by David Johnston
Reply to  David Johnston
3 months ago

This man is going somewhere period. After hearing his story throughout swimming there is no doubt in my mind he’s gonna do great things

Reply to  David Johnston
3 months ago

I mean I’d hope ur not in ur prime. ur barely 18

Reply to  David Johnston
3 months ago


Reply to  David Johnston
2 months ago

Hook em! Don’t listen to the haters, they don’t want you to succeed. 🙂

Reply to  Chugus
3 months ago

Wait did he actually say that?