Texas First Chance Invitational: Day Two Live Recap

Texas, Texas A&M, Southern Methodist University

  • October 16-17, 2020
  • Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center, Austin, TX
  • 25 yards
  • Unscored
  • Live Results (Also on Meet Mobile as “2020 ST TEX First Chance Meet”)
  • Day 1 Results

Traditionally, October is known as “Rocktober” for the Texas men, and the Longhorns aren’t always known for going fast at this point in the calendar. But with all of the uncertainty regarding this season, at least a few of the Texas men are gunning for NCAA cut times or even National Age Group Records this weekend. Last night we were treated to a pair of historic swims, as Drew Kibler popped up a 4:08.26 to move up to #4 all-time in the 500 free, while Carson Foster lit up the pool with a 3:35.27 in the 400 IM, breaking the 17-18 National Age Group record and becoming the 2nd-fastest man ever.

And that wasn’t all. Texas A&M junior Shaine Casas improved his lifetime best in the 100 back to 44.40, still ranking him #9 all-time in that event, then closed out the session by racing Carson Foster and his brother Jake to a 3:38.22 finish in the 400 IM, about half a second shy of his lifetime best. Meanwhile, several other Longhorn and Aggie swimmers put themselves into position for a NCAA invite or swam lifetime bests.

We should be in for some more fast swimming today, including a strong chance that Carson Foster will challenge the National Age Group record in the 200 free. He comes into this meet with a lifetime best of 1:32.99, while the NAG stands at 1:32.18.

100 Free

  1. Daniel Krueger, Texas – 42.33
  2. Mark Theall, Texas A&M – 43.45
  3. Jake Sannem, Texas – 43.75

Daniel Krueger wrapped up the sprint free double with a 42.33 in the 100 free, after taking the 50 free in 19.16 yesterday. His time this morning is just over a second off of his lifetime best.

200 Back

  1. Shaine Casas, Texas A&M – 1:36.54
  2. Ethan Harder, Texas – 1:43.63
  3. Ethan Gogulski, Texas A&M – 1:44.07

Aggie Shaine Casas continued an impressive weekend by moving up to #4 all-time in the 200 back. His 1:36.54 this morning now ranks only behind Ryan Murphy (1:35.73) and a pair of Longhorns, John Shebat (1:36.42) and Austin Katz (1:36.45). Katz shows up on Meet Mobile as entered in the 100 and 200 fly events this weekend, but didn’t swim yesterday.

200 Breast

  1. Andres Puente, Texas A&M – 1:53.26
  2. Caspar Corbeau, Texas – 1:53.84
  3. Colin Feehery, Southern Methodist – 1:59.20

The Aggies made it two in a row after Andres Puente pulled ahead of Caspar Corbeau on the final 50, winning 1:53.26 to 1:53.84. That reverses the finish from the night before in the 100 breast, where Corbeau won.

Those two were the only men under 1:59, but Colin Feehery became the first SMU swimmer to crack the top three this meet with a 1:59.20.

1650 Free

  1. David Johnston, Texas – 14:47.75
  2. JohnThomas Larson, Texas – 14:55.25
  3. Alex Zettle, Texas – 15:01.98

Longhorn freshman David Johnston knocked almost four seconds off of his lifetime best of 14:51.42, and in the process, he broke the 17-18 NAG record for the 1000 yard freestyle. His split of 8:45.38 best the previous record of 8:45.50, set by Bobby Finke in 2018.

Teammate JohnThomas Larson took 2nd in 14:55.25, nearly 10 seconds faster than his previous lifetime best of 15:04.67 from the Big 12 Championships in February.

200 Free

  1. Drew Kibler, Texas – 1:31.10
  2. Carson Foster, Texas – 1:33.41
  3. Coby Carrozza, Texas – 1:35.11

After Drew Kibler went 4:08 in the 500 yesterday, #4 all-time, and Carson Foster went 3:35 in the 400 IM, good for 2nd all-time, expectations were high that we might see some more historic swims in this event today. And while we didn’t get any eye-popping swims here, the duo put up a pair of very solid times still. Kibler’s 1:31.10 is less than three-tenths off of his lifetime best of 1:30.83, which ranks him 7th all-time. Foster’s 1:33.41 didn’t challenge the 17-18 NAG record, it is his 3rd-fastest time ever.

100 Fly

  1. Alvin Jiang, Texas – 45.75
  2. Cole Crane, Texas – 47.43
  3. Jace Brown, Texas A&M – 47.57

Alvin Jiang, who burst onto the scene last year with his sub-44 split at the Minnesota Invite, took home the win today with a 45.75. His lifetime best sits at 44.93 from that aforementioned Minnesota Invite.

Coming down the final stretch, three swimmers dueled it out for 3rd, with Cole Crane getting his hand on the wall first at 47.43, followed by Texas A&M’s Jace Brown (47.57) and Longhorn freshman Zac Van Zandt (47.86).

200 IM

  1. Shaine Casas, Texas A&M – 1:40.52
  2. Jake Foster, Texas – 1:43.37
  3. Andrew Koustik, Texas – 1:46.92

Casas earned his third win of the weekend here, throwing down a 1:40.52 that might’ve been a little more eye-popping if he hadn’t already gone two best times in the backstrokes this week. It’s his 4th-fastest time ever, with his personal best of 1:39.91 ranking him #7 all-time in the event.

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9 months ago

Shaine 1:36 wow
4th fastest ever, only Murphy, Shebat and Katz have gone faster, overtakes Lochte

Last edited 9 months ago by swimfan210_
Reply to  swimfan210_
9 months ago

He is 100% in play for an Olympic spot in both backs

9 months ago

Woof that 200 back by Casas

9 months ago

Getting Sannem back could be a nice a boost to the Texas relays. Who do we project to be on Texas 400 free relay at NCAAs? For sure Kruger and Kibler, but the other spots have like 5 guys in the mix. The same goes for the 800 free relay, Foster and Kibler might each split under 1:30 and then there’s a tough battle for the other spots. I generally cheer for Cal at the big meet, but damn do I love how much the Longhorns raise the bar for what it takes to be champs.

Reply to  Willswim
9 months ago


After that you have a crew of guys like Jiang, Staka, Carson Foster, Matthew W, Sannem and even Corbeau Who will be in the mix to swim on that relay depending on schedules and how they taper

I think Texas was a slam dunk favorite in the relay if the meet had happened last year but there’s may be a little more uncertainty this year. But I also have not broken down the rosters of the major contenders this year

Reply to  Horninco
9 months ago

It all will come down to who Eddie tells that they r ready to go a top 10 split in history and they believe him. Because that’s Eddie.

9 months ago

Rocktober baby

9 months ago

I think this extra year before the Olympics is a positive for Casas. He seems to keeps building.

Reply to  2Fat4Speed
9 months ago

I think the extra year is going to produce a very different roster and we would have seen in the summer of 2020

Jonathan Charbroiled Steak
Reply to  Horninco
9 months ago

So true. Especially younger guys/collegiate swimmers benefit from the year.

9 months ago

Carson added time 1:33.4. But that’s still a solid swim from him.

Last edited 9 months ago by PFA
9 months ago

Any idea what happened to David Johnston in the 1650? 26 mids until the 1300 then falls apart up to 30s. Looks more dramatic than just dying

Reply to  DMacNCheez
9 months ago

Eddie appeared shouting “this is the big time now son, learn to love the hurt” then dropped an actual baby grand on him.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Togger
9 months ago

It was in storage since Townley’s 500 free at NCAAs his senior year that he’s apparently not yet recovered from.

Go Horns
Reply to  DMacNCheez
9 months ago

I think he went out a little too fast and the hurt box caught up quickly.

DJ Fan
Reply to  DMacNCheez
9 months ago

New 17-18 NAG for the 1000

Reply to  DJ Fan
9 months ago

I’m not sure of the rules but will it count for the 1000?

Reply to  PFA
9 months ago

Yes, so he went for the NAG and then obviously couldn’t keep the pace for another 650

DJ Fan
Reply to  Horninco
9 months ago

He was on pace until 1300. This guy is a stud and has a huge trajectory. Cant wait to watch the journey!

Last edited 9 months ago by DJ Fan
9 months ago

1.40.52 200 im after going 1.36.54 in the 200 backstroke.. tough and really fast double for Shaine. For me both records are in danger

Last edited 9 months ago by mclovin96
Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  mclovin96
9 months ago

200 IM record is pretty soft with the talent that’s coming up and what Dressel might’ve done had he trained for it and swum it at NCAAs.