2020 SECs: Florida’s Bobby Finke Demolishes American Record with 14:12 Mile


Last season, Florida’s Bobby Finke won the mile as a freshman with a new SEC Record, narrowly missing the NCAA Record in the process. After he smashed his best in the 500 free to take bronze on Wednesday, the 1650 free record was on notice tonight. He blew away the field to become the fastest man in history.


Finke repeated as champion in 14:12.08. That time is not only a new SEC Record, but it breaks the NCAA and American Record as well. That’s over 10 seconds faster than Clark Smith‘s former NCAA Record, which stood as a 14:22.41 from 2017. It’s also 6 seconds faster than Zane Grothe‘s former American Record of 14:18.25 set in 2018.

His former SEC Record was a 14:23.01 last season, which stood as his lifetime best until tonight.

Finke’s Splits by 100:

49.17 49.17
1:40.44 51.27
2:32.04 51.6
3:23.68 51.64
4:15.28 51.60
5:07.19 51.91
5:58.91 51.72
6:50.85 51.94
7:42.88 52.03
8:34.63 52.75
9:26.87 52.24
10:18.80 51.93
11:10.88 52.08
12:03.00 52.12
12:55.07 52.07
13:46.99 51.92
14:12 25.09


Place Swimmer Time
1 Bobby Finke 14:12.08
2 Zane Grothe 14:18.25
3 Clark Smith 14:22.41
4 Felix Auboeck 14:22.88
5 Akaram Mahmoud 14:22.99
6 Jordan Wilimovsky 14:23.45
7 Connor Jaeger 14:23.52
8 Martin Grodzski 14:24.08
9 Chad La Tourette 14:24.35
10 Anton Ipsen 14:24.43

This is Finke’s 3rd medal of the meet. He took bronze in the 500 free on day 2 and bronze in the 400 IM on day 3. Both Zane Grothe and Clark Smith are currently training as postgrads. Finke will, however, match up with Michigan’s reigning champion Felix Auboeck at the NCAA meet next month. Auboeck is the 4th fastest man in history.

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Lane 8
1 year ago

Yay Bobby! After all this fast swimming I knew he was going to throw down something amazing when the time came! Congrats and good luck at NCAA’s!

Zane G
1 year ago

The man almost broke the dang 1000 American Record along the way

Ken K
Reply to  Zane G
1 year ago

I can’t believe he actually followed a 4:15 500 with a 4:19 500, then swam 650 more yards at the same pace.

1 year ago

Sub 14 by senior year?? Did not think we would see that barrier broken so soon.

Lane 8
Reply to  AJW
1 year ago

heck yeah

Reply to  AJW
1 year ago

Been a long time since Casey Converse broke 15. Maybe he can do it in a couple of weeks.

Reply to  JimSwim22
1 year ago

amazing swim.

Lane 8
Reply to  AJW
1 year ago

coming back to this and thinking about the uncertainty

1 year ago

Olympic year NCAAs are wild

Joel Lin
Reply to  Pvdh
1 year ago

It’s that time. An Olympic year out on the lunatic fringe where animal spirits rule.

Joel Lin
1 year ago

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Joel Lin
Reply to  Joel Lin
1 year ago

Out in 4:15. I mean…WOW.

Reply to  Joel Lin
1 year ago

8:34 at the 1000!!

1 year ago

Insane swim!

Ken K
1 year ago

I remember as a kid I was thrilled when I first broke 52 in the 100. This guy averaged 51s for a 1650. Dayum.

Andy Hardt
Reply to  Ken K
1 year ago

First ever! 51.64 per 100. 25.82 per 50.

Imagine swimming a 26-flat and thinking: “come on, let’s pick it back up!”

1 year ago

Clearly, Mr. Nesty knows more than butterfly. Incredible swimming by Florida this weekend.

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