Everett Uchiyama

Sex Abuse Survivors, Allard Call For Hinchey To Purge USA Swimming Of Enablers

Attorney Bob Allard and three sexual abuse survivors called on USA Swimming CEO Tim Hinchey to purge the organization of those who covered up sexual abuses.


Three More Sex Abuse Suits Against USA Swimming Involving Ivey, Uchiyama & King

Six women say are suing USA Swimming for failing to protect them from abuse by now-banned swim coaches Mitch Ivey, Everett Uchiyama and Andy King.


SwimSwam’s Top 15 U.S. Swimming Moments of the 2010s

With the 2010-2019 decade officially ending, we’re looking back at the top 15 swimming moments of the past ten years from a U.S.-based lens.


Uchiyama Whistle-Blowers Add To Allegations Against USA Swimming

Another scathing report by the Southern California News Group includes allegations that in 2006 USA Swimming not only failed to keep a banned coach from coaching, but actually provided a recommendation for him to coach kids again.


Women’s Sports Foundation Protests Wielgus’ HOF Induction; Group of Past USA Swimming Presidents Push Back

The letter is signed by a group referring to themselves as “Victims of Coaching Sexual Abuse,” as well as “Supporters of Victims of Coaching Sexual Abuse,” which includes the Women’s Sports Foundation as a whole and several Olympians, high level coaches, and victims in recent high-profile coaching abuse cases.


USA Swimming to Address "Flagged List" in Addition to "Banned List"

The Associated Press is reporting that USA-Swimming is now  acknowledging the existence of a “Flagged List” in addition to the…

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Colorado Country Club Alleges Coverup In Uchiyama Case

In the recently released list of 46 coaches who have been permanently banned or have permanently resigned from USA-Swimming, there…

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Names of 46 Coaches Banned From USA-Swimming Released

In the biggest move yet for USA-Swimming towards the transparency much desired by the swimming community, USA-Swimming has released a…