Names of 46 Coaches Banned From USA-Swimming Released

In the biggest move yet for USA-Swimming towards the transparency much desired by the swimming community, USA-Swimming has released a list of 46 names of coaches who have been banned for a variety of offenses under the official coaches code of conduct.

The biggest name on the list is former National Team Director Everett Uchiyama, whose offense was listed as “sexual misconduct.” Uchiyama began with the organization as National Team Coordinator in 1999, moved up to interim National Team Director in 2002, and became the full-fledged National Team Director shortly before the 2004 Olympics. On January 31, 2006, Uchiyama was suspended from the program for “sexual misconduct” which is defined by the code of conduct as “any sexual conduct, advance or other inappropriate sexually oriented behavior or action directed towards an athlete by a coach.” or “any nonconsensual physical sexual conduct, or pattern of unwelcome advances or other sexual harassment in connection with or incidental to a USA Swimming-related activity.”

Although the list went into no great detail, a breakdown of the 46 members went as follows: 36 for sexual misconduct or sex-related offenses, 2 were for fraud, deception, or dishonesty, 2 for unspecified felonies, 1 for illegal drugs or substances, and 5 for unspecified offenses. The 5 unspecified cases either happened before the statutes were enacted, because no part of the code of conduct applied to their offense, or because details were unavailable.

This is an important step for the organization that has had difficulty proving to the public that they are committed to the transparency and openness that has so long eluded the issue within the organization. Some other big names on the list include Andy King, who has been a sort of figurehead for the issue. Although I still don’t feel as though the problem is as widespread as some news outlets have made it seem, USA-Swimming is definitely beginning to help itself, and all of us swim coaches, by taking steps to prevent the issue.

The list that USA-Swimming released is below:

Keith Anderson; Tennessee; Feb. 10, 2006; Sexual misconduct

Charles Arabas; Arizona; Feb. 18, 2003; Sexual misconduct

Bryan Artel, Illinois, Sept. 29, 2005; Illegal drugs or substances

Aaron Bartleson; Colorado; April 22, 2009; Not listed

Steven Bowman, Wisconsin; Oct. 10, 2007; Inappropriate sexual behavior

Thomas Burt; Ohio; Oct. 9, 2008; Felony

Robert Caragol; Florida; Feb. 13, 2009; Sexual misconduct

Kevin Chapman; Ohio; July 16, 2008; Sexual misconduct

Simon Chocron; Florida; Oct. 8, 2001; Sexual misconduct

Ross Clay; Massachusetts; April 2, 2010; Inappropriate sexual behavior

Joshua Delcore; Illinois; June 11, 2001; Sexual misconduct

Lincoln Djang; New Mexico; Jan. 7, 2000; Sexual misconduct

Alvin Drury; California; Nov. 8, 2002; Sexual misconduct

Michael Ferguson; Connecticut; Aug. 22, 2003; Sexual misconduct

Rogello Gallardo; California; Oct. 31, 2008; Sexual misconduct

Bernard Gynan; Virginia; Jan. 28, 2003; Sexual misconduct

Darek Hahn; California; Dec. 5, 1991; Not listed

Brian Hindson; Indiana; April 4, 2008; Sexual misconduct

Craig Ivancic; Kansas; Nov. 28, 2004; Sexual misconduct

Matthew Jefferis; Pennsylvania; Aug. 30, 2002; Sexual misconduct

Timothy Kelly; Massachusetts; Oct. 17, 2009; Sexual misconduct

Jeremy Kemeny; South Carolina; Feb. 10, 2003; Sexual misconduct

Andrew King; California; July 23, 2009; Sexual misconduct

Donald King; Oregon; May 11, 2009; Inappropriate sexual behavior

Jason Michael Lear; Florida; Jan. 15, 2010; Inappropriate sexual behavior

Jason Lytle; California; March 31, 2004; Sexual misconduct

David Margheim; South Dakota; Dec. 12, 2007; Fraud, deception or dishonesty

Donald McHugh; Illinois; Oct. 12, 2004; Sexual misconduct

Diana Molker; Kentucky; Feb. 6, 2008; Fraud, deception or dishonesty

Douglas Northway; Arizona; July 22, 1998; Not listed

James Pooler; Arizona; Aug. 20, 2008; Sexual misconduct

Michael Pridemore; South Carolina; April 23, 2004; Inappropriate sexual behavior

Alan Rogers; Wisconsin; July 1, 2005; Sexual misconduct

William Roggenbihl; California; July 11, 2000; Sexual misconduct

William Scandalis; California; Nov. 17, 1999; Sexual misconduct

Robert Scheiring; North Dakota; July 23, 2009; Sexual misconduct

John Schwerzler; New Jersey; Dec. 1, 2004; Sexual misconduct

Jesse Stovall; California; Oct. 15, 2009; Inappropriate sexual behavior

William Tinsley; Florida; July 21, 2008; Sexual misconduct

Everett Uchiyama; California; Jan. 31, 2006; Inappropriate sexual behavior

Jeffrey Vernace; Missouri; April 11, 2005; Sexual misconduct

Christopher Wheat; Indiana; Dec. 8, 2009; Sexual misconduct

Brian Williams; California; Feb. 19, 2009; Not listed

Jeffrey Woodyard; Virginia; Sept. 22, 2008; Sexual misconduct

Scott Woolsey; Vermont; July 22, 1998; Not listed

Michael Wullschleger; North Carolina; Oct. 22, 2008; Felony

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