Bridger Bell

The Simplest and Most Advanced Backstroke Drill Ever

This drill was inspired by Aaron Peirsol, who has always been a positive presence in the Austin swimming community where I grew up.


Swimming Isn’t Normal

Our Coaches Don’t Have A Clue: We all know somebody who can argue any point, who can take something absurd and rationalize it until it sounds reasonable. This is how coaches clung for decades to arguments against muscle mass in swimming


Shark Attack Drill

Shark Attack has many of the same benefits as standard Tarzan drill but to amplified effect due to the heightened threat of sinking when only pulling with one arm.

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The Best Swim Dad of All Time

“My dad is better than your dad” has instigated playground fights since Woolly Mammoths roamed playscapes. By calling my dad “the best swim dad of all time,” I don’t mean to pick a fight: I am simply celebrating my own father with a superlative.


Never Do a Swimming Drill Again!

“Doing” drills doesn’t improve stroke technique and doesn’t foster faster swimming. You need to “train” your drills.


Bell hired as Columbus North & Donner swimming coach

Bridger Bell has been appointed the Columbus North varsity swimming coach for the 2015-16 season, athletic director Jeff Hester announced Tuesday (June 2).

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Drill Video for – What All Great Breaststrokers Do (that the rest don’t)

In this video, Johns Hopkins freshman swimmer Gwynnie LaMastra demonstrates the “breaststroke connectedness” drill described in the article “What All Great Breaststrokers Do (that the rest don’t).”


What All Great Breaststrokers Do (that the rest don’t)

The world of breaststroke has always been quirky, idiosyncratic, individualized, and just plain weird. These days, the variegation of breaststroke styles has gone wild. Here are the differing styles of elites…


Let’s Not Wait Until Someone Dies

Dr. Keith Bell and Bridger Bell: “Swimming at Western Kentucky University died this week. The cause of death was hazing…”