SwimSpray to Offer a Free Sample to Anyone Willing to Send A Testimonial

Courtesy of SwimSpray, a SwimSwam Partner.




While supplies last, we are offering a free sample of SwimSpray to anyone willing to send us a testimonial after trying it.  Here’s why:

Based on customer feedback, SwimSpray’s best selling point is how well it works.  This product works.  We promise.

We’ve noticed that many people are initially skeptical of our claims.  Unlike traditional “anti-chlorine” products and “swimmers shampoos,” SwimSpray really gets rid of chlorine from hair and skin. However, swimmers don’t believe that anything can actually get rid of the lingering chlorine and eau de chlorine odor.

To help show that SwimSpray works, we are offering free samples of SwimSpray to anyone interested in trying it.

Just send an email to [email protected]SwimSpray.com, telling us where to send your sample.  

We will mail it to you.  All that we ask in return is that you send us your impression of the product after using it a few times.  (Use 30 sprays with your normal shower routine).  We will share the most amusing videos, photos, or comments.

Below, you can find information about both (1) SwimSpray’s story and (2) how to use SwimSpray.  For more information about SwimSpray, check out www.SwimSpray.com.  If you have any questions about anything, just let us know.


GOLD MEDAL MEL:  I met SwimSpray inventor, Dr. Andrew Chadeayne, before SwimSwam.com ever launched.  I was intrigued by his background, the Ph.D in Chemistry, his swimming success at Princeton and at the masters level.  Dr. Chadeayne was one of us, a true swimmer, someone with 20 plus years in the sport.  I tried free samples of SwimSpray and was suprised and excited  to learn it worked!  I knew the hurdle for Dr. Chadeayne would be educating the swimming community, making them understand his product actually delivers.  When we started working together, SwimSwam.com didn’t have one reader. Our plan was to grow together and build awareness. SwimSpray was one of our first three advertisers.  Today SwimSpray is sold internationally, and awareness that his product actually works continues to grow rapidly. If you havent tried SwimSpray and chlorine removal is important to you, I highly recommend you take Dr. Chadeayne up on his offer and test the product.

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Kathy Whitford

My daughter is a synchro swimmer. She is 14 and loves the sport, however the skin around her nose is very raw and sore from the chlorine. I would love to see Ashley try this product and get some results so she can enjoy the pool . Thanks

Hi Kathy,

I think SwimSpray could help your daughter feel better. We have had some great feedback from the syncho community, including some British Olympians. Here’s a link: http://www.swimspray.com/blogs/chlorine-hair-and-skin/7009192-saving-british-synchronized-swimmers-from-chlorine

Please have Ashley email us so with a mailing address so that she can try this SwimSpray.

Best wishes,


Does this company realize private addresses are being shown for all to see?


They didn’t ask for these people to post their addresses here, if people would read it, it says to send your address in an email.

I would love to try it! 2050 richardson rd,arnold mo. 63010


I love to swim but have color treated hair and worried about it drying out even more, looking forward to seeing if the product works.

Rachael Havin

I would like a sample!

1255 pine drive, el cajon CA 92020

I teach private swim lessons 4 days a week, spending approx 15 hrs in the pool per week. I would love to have some samples to try for myself and students.

free sample please 622 n griffin st
danville, il 61832


we just moved to a house with an inground pool I am interested in a product that will help my children. The chlorine eats at their skin around their noses and on their sides from their swimsuits. I heard this product should help.

Hi Jennifier,

I think SwimSpray will help out with the problem that you describe. By washing the chlorine off immediately after the pool, your kids’ exposure to chlorine will be limited to the time in the pool–instead of ALL the time.

Thanks for your interest,

Sandi Kehoe

I first used Swim Spray last year and will never get into a pool without it again. I swim every morning and the chlorine used to dry my hair out and make it brittle. I also use Swim Spray when I’m in the ocean, I live near Emerald Isle and visit the beach at least 3 times a week.

Hey Sandi,

Thanks for this comment. I really appreciate your kind words.

– Andrew

Linda Flynn

I would like to try a sample of this. You may send it to:

Linda Flynn
11444B Rustic Rock Drive
Austin, TX. 78750

Many thanks!