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Understanding & Implementing Ultra-Short Race-Pace Training – Buy the DVDs here

Ever wonder why young swimmers are taught to swim long distances at slow speeds when they are preparing for races 50 to 1500 meters ? Or why so many great athletes get injured during practice and never reach their full potential? Or why so many gifted swimmers simply quit because they have burned out at practice?  If so, you just might want to learn more about the scientific research behind the new swimming training method that is impacting racers worldwide.

The Understanding & Implementing Ultra-Short Race-Pace Training DVDs include the following content areas presented by Dr. Brent Rushall. It is divided into four sessions in the following sequence.


1 – Introduction to the training response in swimming. – [Rushall & Pyke, 1991. Training for sports and fitness; Rushall, 2003. Foundational principles for physical conditioning.]

2 – Principles to guide physical training programs. – [Rushall, 2003. Programming considerations for physical conditioning.]

3 – What needs to be accommodated to be in compliance with scientific findings.


4 – Introduction to USRPT – [Rushall, 2013. Swimming Energy Training in the 21st Century: The Justification for Radical Changes.]

5 – Formulating and writing USRPT macrocycles, microcycles, and training sessions.

6 – The peculiar case of 50 m training.

7 – Brief revision of USRPT training fitness component; USRPT compared to traditional training. – [Rushall, 2013. USRPT and traditional training compared.]


8 – How the brain organizes race-pace specific technique and energy supply. Pedagogical principles for developing USRPT techniques. – [Rushall, 2013. A swimming technique macrocycle.]

9 – The major physics and mechanics principles of competitive swimming strokes.

10 – Reducing resistance: Streamline


11 – Breathing.

12 – Body roll.

13 – Propulsion: End of stroke position.

14 – The power-phase.

15 – Initial actions.

16 – Recoveries.

17 – Kicking.

What others are saying about USRPT…Josh Davis

“I am passionate about getting and keeping young swimmers in the sport of swimming and helping them to swim faster…faster. I believe that USRPT is the secret to making both happen. Slow, sloppy and discouraged swimming is out; purposeful, fast and perfect swimming with science is in! Young or old, sprint or distance, USRPT changes everything! Watch this DVD and you will join the revolution too!”   Josh Davis – 3-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

“With over 60 years of experience as a swim coach and a personal relationship with “Doc” Councilman, I have come to the conclusion that fewer training yards swum at race speed will be far more productive than doing thousands of yards at slower than race pace. Our GNST swimmers have taken to the USRPT training program with a highly positive attitude and are looking forward to their next workout and the next competition. They are always ready to SWIM FAST! THANKS!” Cal Bentz, Head Coach Greater Nebraska Swim Team

“I have started using USRPT since returning from a clinic featuring Brent Rushall in January of this year. While I have always felt that my swimmers we’re fit, we struggled trying to finish many swims as a team. We have begun to implement the USRPT program and I have seen better split races, better personal accountability from every swimmer with very specific goals from each of them. We just completed a meet in Florida with close to 100% lifetime best swims from each athlete from the 50 to the 1650. I look forward to fully implementing the program this spring. I know this works!”  Don Wagner, Owner/Coach, Phoenix Aquatics Club, New York (coached Olympian Janet Evans)

“Implementing the USRPT approach has transformed our swim club. We’ve grown from a low of 6 to over 54 in just six months. The kid’s are swimming faster. The coaches are back to really coaching technique. And the parents are simply loving it.”  J.C. Riley – Coach, Bison Aquatics, Edmund, OK

Michael Andrew, powered by USRPT

Michael Andrew, powered by USRPT (courtesy of Mike Lewis, olavistaphotography.com)

“Enclosed is my season ending report from my group, comparing their best times before the season to their in season best, in seconds and by percentage. I choose to evaluate by percentage more and as you will see most improvements are around the 10% range which are much better than what I have been able to achieve in the past.I want to thank you for helping me with USRPT, and your swimming methodology. Your plan worked extremely well and we have 50 happy swimmers because of it. I am also extremely happy to have simple workouts that allow me to teach so much.”  Chris Brookover, Jersey Wahoos

“My sights are set on the Olympics in Rio, and USRPT is the roadmap.”  Michael Andrew, 54 NAG Records

“USRPT is the hot topic in swimming today, and it isn’t a passing fad. Fueled by Michael Andrew’s continued success, more and more coaches call, email or approach me on deck asking about it. Thankfully all of their questions can now be answered with this set of  DVDs.”  Mel Stewart 3-time Olympic Medalist

If you are using USRPT, if you are a USRPT TRAINER, share your experiences, thoughts and/or questions here or on Twitter with #USPRT.




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This stuff really works. As a swimmer under Chris my times have improved so much and in 1 meet I dropped over 25 seconds in 6 events. It even helps with distance to in another meet under Chris i dropped 18 seconds in the 500 free. He sure knows what he is talking about

Just received it in the mail…….I’m pumped!!

Hope to get mine soon.

Several things: I watched michael beat every “pro” off the blocks at the Pro Am in OKCity in the 100 fly. At our sectionals he out turned and started all the swimmers 4-5 years older than him. I embrace the idea that you can swim faster than once or twice a season. Michael has proved you can do that….and more!