SwimSwam Pulse: 57% Pick London Roar To Win European ISL Derby

A little more than half of voters expected the London Roar to win the European ISL derby – not as overwhelming as the poll results from the American derby.


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Elizabeth Beisel on Survivor, Episode 8: Serious Issues Raised & Game Halted

It’s a case study all-too-relevant to swimming: one player’s tendency for unwanted touching leads to a tricky and imperfect analysis of perception and safety.


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SwimSwam Pulse: 72% Favor Cali Condors To Win American ISL Derby

An overwhelming majority – almost three-quarters – of voters picked the Cali Condors to win the American derby in the International Swimming League.


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SwimSwam Pulse: 70% Bullish On Ryan Lochte’s 2020 Olympic Hopes

About 70% of SwimSwam voters said Ryan Lochte would make the 2020 U.S. Olympic team, which would be his fifth straight Olympic berth.

SwimSwam Pulse: 60% Believe NCAA N/I/L Reforms Are Good For All Athletes

Despite consternation among commenters, 60% of voters said allowing NCAA student-athletes to earn name/image/likeness money would be good for all athletes.

SwimSwam Pulse: 80% Say Swimmers Are Determining ISL Team Fandom

An overwhelming majority of voters say the swimmers on each team’s roster are the deciding factor in which ISL franchise they’ve been rooting for.

Comparing Indianapolis, Naples ISL: A Stats Grab Bag

With the second ISL meet in Naples wrapped up, I thought we’d return to some of the numbers I showed last week and see how Naples compared to Indianapolis.

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Where Swimming & Strategy Meet: An Analysis of the ISL’s Scoring System

In the ISL, an individual’s victory or defeat is only really relevant in the context of how it contributes to or detracts from the larger whole.

Disqualifications Shouldn’t Score Points

When I went through the first day of Naples, I had a discrepancy. My best understanding of the difference has to do with the disqualifications.

Hardest (SCY) Event Bracket: 400 IM Bests 200 Fly By Almost 800 Votes

Congratulations 400 IMers. You’ve been voted the hardest event by a wide margin. But you still have to swim the 400 IM, so are you really the winners here?

SwimSwam Pulse: 62% Pick Cal As Men’s #1 Team Preseason

Defending champs Cal nearly doubled up the votes of Texas, which won four straight before last season. All other programs got only about 5% of the votes.

Hardest (SCY) Event Bracket: 400 IM vs 200 Fly In the Final

Three rounds are behind us, and the 400 IM and 200 fly have made the final by identical 71-29 margins in the semifinals.

Hardest (SCY) Event Bracket: The Final Four Is Half Freestyle Events

After a bunch of blowouts in round 1, we saw things get very tight in round 2, including a brutal 200 free vs 500 free matchup.

SwimSwam Pulse: 55% Pick Stanford at #1 For Women’s NCAA Ranks

The three-time defending NCAA champions earned a majority of the votes at 55.1% – but the rest of the field pulled solid numbers.

Opinion: Two Schools of Thought On NCAA Amateurism & One Is Bad For Swimming

California’s new law allowing NCAA student-athletes to earn money puts me in a tough position. On the one side is fairness, and on the other is swimming.

Hardest (SCY) Event Bracket: Get In Your Votes For Round 2

Round 1 saw a lot of blowouts between our “seeded” and “unseeded” events. Round 2 should set up some more intriguing showdowns in our hardest event bracket.

My Swimmer-Does-CrossFit Experiment Comes Full Circle

Just over a year ago I entered the CrossFit world to spice things up and I learned several important things along the last 12 months.

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