Would You Rather Break A World Record Or Win An Olympic Gold Medal? (POLL)

Would you rather break a world record, or win an Olympic gold medal? Vote on which side of the fence you fall on.


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SwimSwam Pulse: 47% Support Postponing 2020 Olympics

Our poll ran both before and after the IOC postponed the 2020 Olympics. Nearly half of voters supported postponement over cancellation or ‘wait-and-see’.


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Shouts From The Stands: The Aftermath

Little did we know that our “Treat Every Day Like It’s Your Last Day to Race” would actually turn into our actual last day to race.


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SwimSwam Pulse: 57% Had Picked Texas To Win Men’s NCAAs

The meet won’t happen due to the NCAA’s cancellation, but a solid majority of SwimSwam voters expected Texas to win the men’s NCAA title.

Shouts From The Stands: Shutdown, But Not Shutout (A Win In Wake Of COVID-19)

“This growth will carry over to the next championship meet. Their quench for success will be even greater. The drive to bounce back will be stronger.”

Editorial: Coronavirus Can’t Take Your Season Away

Though you may not see the improvements you’ve made show up on a scoreboard in numeric form, the growth in who you are and how you swim is still there.

SwimSwam Pulse: 50% Picking Stanford To Win Women’s NCAAs

Just over half of voters are picking Stanford to repeat as NCAA champs on the women’s side, compared to just under 25% for Virginia.

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The Real Reason Why Coronavirus Won’t Cancel the 2020 Olympic Games

Whether you believe the coronavirus will be a pandemic, or you believe it will pass with the coming of spring, one thing is clear: the Olympic impact…

SwimSwam Voters Picks: Week 3 of Major 2020 NCAA Conference Championships

We’ve spent the past few weeks using our periodic SwimSwam polls to let readers weigh in on the coming conference swimming & diving championships.

SwimSwam Pulse: 88% Pick Cal Men To Win Pac-12s

88% are picking the Cal men to win their third-straight Pac-12 title – that’s one of the most overpowering results of our conference champs poll series.

The Time Has Come For The US To Join The Rest Of The World And Race Meters

Collegiate track and field used to compete in yards and have successfully transitioned to meters. We can too. If not now, then when?

SwimSwam Pulse: 68% Pick Stanford To Win Women’s Pac-12

More than two-thirds of voters are picking Stanford to win the women’s Pac-12 title for the fourth-straight year, compared to about 27% for Cal.

Mathematically Speaking: How Do Smith/Finke Records Compare To Dressel?

American records by Robert Finke (1650 free) and Kieran Smith (500 free) were earth-shattering – but were they as historic as Caeleb Dressel’s 50/100 frees?

How Bobby Finke’s 14:12 Made Me Feel

Finke’s swim feels approachable in a way that other races do not. And that’s what made it one of the most beautiful races I’ve seen in a long time.

SwimSwam Pulse: 55% Pick Michigan To Win Men’s Big Tens

After a whopping 72% picked the Michigan women to win Big Tens, another majority (55.2%) of voters picked the Wolverine men to win their conference meet.

SwimSwam Voters Picks: Week 1 of Major 2020 NCAA Conference Championships

We compile predictions for week 1 of conference swimming action: voter picks from our polls, Swimulator projections, and our official SwimSwam picks.

SwimSwam Pulse: 77% Pick NC State Men To Win ACC Title

It’s a blowout in our men’s ACC Champions poll: 77.3% of voters picked the NC State Wolfpack to win a sixth consecutive conference title.

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