A Swim Coach’s Review of “Swimfan”

“Swimfan is a teen-drama thriller released in 2002 and, judging by the soundtrack, was never intended to be viewed again after 2002.”


SwimSwam Pulse: 64% Would Put Grimm At #1 in Junior Recruit Ranks

About two thirds of voters diverged from SwimSwam’s ranks, putting Anthony Grimm at the #1 spot among recruits in the boys junior class.

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Betsy Mitchell: A Different Perspective On NCAA Athletics

Mitchell, an Olympic gold medalist, former Division I coach, and current Caltech athletic director, has seen swimming from all angles.


When Swimming Brought Us Together

“Swimming is individual, but every once in a while you get to witness something special that pulls large groups of people together for a common cause.”

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SwimSwam Pulse: 60% Suggest ’21 Worlds Move To 2022 To Accommodate Olympics

Well over half of voters suggested that the 2021 World Championships be delayed a year to accommodate the Tokyo Olympics, now pushed to 2021.

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A Swim Coach’s Review of “The Thirteenth Year”

The 1999 movie is about a boy transitioning into a mermaid, who also happens to be a competitive swimmer. Needless to say, it’s fraught with errors.


Top 10 Men’s Swimmers Who Never Won an Olympic Gold Medal

If it weren’t for Michael Phelps, would we be discussing Laszlo Cseh in the conversation as greatest male swimmer of all-time?


I’ll Never Forget The Feeling Of Finding Out My Season Was Over

“My advice is to cherish it and make memories. Collegiate sports are such a short part of our lives, but they’re an incredibly beautiful part.”


Top 10 Women’s Swimmers Who Never Won an Olympic Gold Medal

American swimmer Katie Hoff broke American Records, World Records and won 3 Olympic medals in ’08, but in spite of huge expectations, none of them were gold.


Opinion: Lamenting The Closure Of Nearby City’s Public Summer Pools

From a water lover’s perspective, a bit of sad news came out of a Kentucky city’s overall coronavirus combatting campaign.


SwimSwam Pulse: 81% Would Rather Have Olympic Gold Over World Record

A vast majority of SwimSwam voters said they’d rather have an Olympic gold medal than a world record in the most-voted SwimSwam poll in history.


SwimSwam Pulse: 38% Think Farris Should Delay Harvard Return Until After Tokyo

It was a relatively close poll result, with 38% of voters saying Dean Farris should take another year to focus on the Olympics before returning to Harvard.


Shouts From The Stands: Leveling the Playing Field

COVID-19 has hit a massive reset button. So, what exactly does this mean? Opportunity. 


Would You Rather Break A World Record Or Win An Olympic Gold Medal? (POLL)

Would you rather break a world record, or win an Olympic gold medal? Vote on which side of the fence you fall on.


SwimSwam Pulse: 47% Support Postponing 2020 Olympics

Our poll ran both before and after the IOC postponed the 2020 Olympics. Nearly half of voters supported postponement over cancellation or ‘wait-and-see’.