Sun Yang Suspended From Competition, Promotional Events In Wake of Accident

Thanks to Abi Liu for contributing to this report.

In light of his recent car accident that resulted in him being detained by police, Chinese swimming superstar, and World Record holder, Sun Yang has been handed the following punishments by his provincial sporting association in Zhejiang:

1: Sun is banned from attending any domestic or international meets. (No word until when)
2: He must halt any promotion or sponsorship events.
3: His salary has been suspended.
4: Temporarily removed from the national team roster.

Though there are no really major domestic or international competitions coming up in the next few weeks, this could affect Sun’s status, for example, at the Beijing World Cup next week where the Chinese will hope to make a good home impression.

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8 years ago

What’s the punishment for a 2nd offense? I imagine several months hard labor. Wait, he’s already a distance swimmer. Isn’t that enough pain already?

Reply to  PAC12BACKER
8 years ago


Sean S
8 years ago

I think it is time for him to defect to Australia and just train under Cotterell

Voice of Reason
8 years ago

Depending on the severity and circumstances of the accident, this punishment may very well be right in scope. To brush it off as some sort of draconian miscarriage of justice is lunacy at best, and complicity at worst. It is this type of attitude that has produced one of the most self-centered, and self-righteous generations of our existence. Sun Yang may have been in a minor fender bender, and this punishment would be draconian. He also may have been in an accident while driving impaired, and committed vehicular homicide. This punishment would then be quite lenient in scope.

Before we condemn the Chinese swimming federation, or simply assume that it is an overly harsh punishment shouldn’t we, at the… Read more »

Sean S
Reply to  Voice of Reason
8 years ago

We do know some of the details and the punishment seems rather draconian.

Reply to  Sean S
8 years ago

Yeah, i was under the impression that the collision was actually the bus driver’s fault but that Sun was in trouble for driving without a license?

Chill China
8 years ago

If all of this is over a car accident and not having a license I can only imagine what would be happening if he had some sort of phelps type incident.

8 years ago

Yang will do a good impression at the Beijing world cup stop ! no doubt about it

8 years ago

Idiotic decison taken by guys in business suits . Sun Yang has any right to do mistakes as a human being and a high level swimmer . To cut his salary for that ???? and no competition allowed is like punishing a 5 old kid .

Philip Johnson
8 years ago

Stupid, stupid, stupid! And that’s not directed to Sun Yang, but to the incompetent Chinese swimming federation.

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