Chad Le Clos Smashes Half-A-Second Off of His Own World Record

South African’ Chad Le Clos, with surprisingly little competition from Poland’s Pawel Korzeniowski, has smashed his own World Record in the 200 SCM fly this morning at the Singapore stop of the 2013 FINA World Cup Series.

He swam a 1:48.56 to break the 1:49.04 that he swam at the Eindhoven stop on August 7th.

Le Clos, though not quite a Hosszuan effort, has taken on some daunting schedules at this year’s World Cup, and most importantly has been fully involved in every stop of the meet. After a respite following the Middle East legs, he seems refreshed, and really ripped this swim. The whole of the difference between this result and his previous record was his blazing opening 100 meters. He tried to get that going in Dubai a little as well, but came up just barely shy of his record there. This time, he was able to tough-out the last 100 meters as well.

This swim was a stark contrast to the exhausted le Clos that we last saw in Doha, where there was little spark.

Eindhoven 24.88 28.57 27.86 27.73 1:49.04
Berlin 25.00 28.39 28.39 28.12 1:49.90
Moscow 25.16 28.62 28.51 27.54 1:49.83
Dubai 24.69 28.41 28.29 27.68 1:49.07
Doha 25.08 28.58 28.63 28.10 1:50.39
Singapore 24.68 28.28 27.85 27.75 1:48.56

For his effort, Le Clos will receive an additional 20 bonus points on his overall World Cup and third-cluster rankings, both of which are battles in which he’s now almost uncatchable, and a $10,000 cash bonus.

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