Strechcordz® Training Gear Help Improve Speed, Endurance, Stamina & Acceleration

NZ Manufacturing is proud to work with top athletes around the world to provide them with the proper effective tools for their training routines. To prepare for the Olympics, swimmers and track competitors benefit from a variety of NZ Manufacturing products including StrechCordz swim training tools – all made in the USA.


Using StrechCordz products for swim training will provide resistance of varying levels that can be used for different levels of training that range from water aerobics and home pool use, to Olympic training. StrechCordz in-water resistance cords and bands are used by everyone from novice swimmers to competing Olympians for help with flexibility, stamina, speed, endurance, acceleration, and competition swim training. Our in-water resistance training equipment can be used for barge pulls, proper positioning, hip rotations, and more. StrechCordz® dry-land resistance bands and cords are ideal for those who need a portable form of training that they can take anywhere, as these can be used outside of water.


What makes our StrechCordz resistance training line stand out from the rest? Our proprietary feature embeds a strong nylon cord within the latex tubing that is capable of extending to the maximum stretched length of the tube. The key benefit of this feature is that it minimizes over-stretching, and provides the safety and security that is needed for users to overcome any physical and mental barriers to their training.


Olympic triathlete and former Ironman 70.3 champion Andy Potts has been a long-time user of StrechCordzexercise bands. Here’s what Andy says about his recent use of StrechCordz products:

“So, the past two years I’ve gotten away from my regular StrechCordz swim training tool work, and my swimming has definitely suffered (you may not be able to tell, but I certainly can). In April, I made the adjustment to go back to doing 5-8 minutes of using StrechCordz tools for dry-land work. I’m starting to see the results now and my swimming will be better this year because of it. Too valuable to forfeit that type of work.”



StrechCordz resistance swim training tools improve stamina, power, stroke and Individual Medley times for international Olympians and novice swimmers. Both in-water and dry land equipment are used for full swimmer pull, tricep extensions, rowing, overhead raises, chest fly’s, proper hip rotation, stroke efficiency and more. For high performance resistance training gear and workout instruction, turn to the products that Olympians and pro athletes rely on for their top results. Contact NZ Manufacturing at 800-866-6621 with your questions related to our line of products, or visit us online at

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