Spanish Swimmer Ramiro Tossone, 19, Dies After Breath-Holding Exercise

by Tomas Rodriguez 11

August 12th, 2020 Europe, International, News

Spain native Ramiro Tossone, 19, has died after being admitted into the intensive care unit at a local hospital in the Spanish city of Malaga last Saturday, Aug. 8. The news surrounding Tossone’s death was shared by his former coach Xavi Casademont on social media. Tossone swam for the Real Club Mediterraneo club team.

“We miss Ramiro Tossone. A great in Malagan and Andalusian swimming. Always happy and always willing to support his colleagues. We will miss you Ramiro!! Rest in peace. A hug to the family and the RCM,” the above tweet reads.

Per local news outlet Diario Sur, the health episode began while Tossone was performing an exercise involving apnea, or breath holding, during last Saturday’s practice. After experiencing what pool personnel described as signs of drowning, he was rescued and transported to the nearest hospital.

He was then taken to the Hospital Regional de Malaga in a critical state, first responders said. Tossone died Wednesday afternoon, according to officials. News of the loss rapidly spread on social media among the swimming community.

The 19-year-old was a 200-meter butterfly specialist and had represented the Andalusian region during the 2016 Spanish national championships by autonomous regions.


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1 month ago

Very sad news. Shallow water blackout? It’s actually shocking how little awareness the swimming community has about the dangers of this exercise. My swimmer son nearly drown just because his school coach had no clue.

Reply to  SwimM
1 month ago

I thought it was banned (here in AUS anyway)….so sad.

Reply to  torchbearer
1 month ago

The amount of coaches in Aus that still do lots of breathe holding stuff and yell at swimmers when they breathe is still incredible though. I got in trouble this afternoon for breathing… I’ve pulled a teammate out after passing out previously so when I really need a breath I take one even when it pisses my new coach off

1 month ago

Buddy of mine did a 100 LCM underwater and pushed off to go more and after another 10 meters he passed out and we dove in to pull him up…this was in the 70’s and it was macho to go 100 LCM underwater…yup..we were young and dumb!

1 month ago

About 3-4 years ago, a collegiate swimmer died doing a 100M underwater. I think the school was Dartmoth?

1 month ago

Devastating news for his family and friends. My prayers go out to them.