Sjostrom Cracks $70K In Eindhoven, Morozov Passes Chupkov In Winnings


Sarah Sjostrom still leads all earners on the 2018 World Cup, making $7,400 more in Eindhoven to bring her series total to $72,400. Meanwhile Vladimir Morozov turned a $10,000 world record bonus into the top male earning tally, sitting at $57,650 for the tour.

Former series leader Anton Chupkov added just $2,000 to his winnings, sitting just behind Morozov at $57,000. American Michael Andrew has also cracked $50,000 for the series.

On the women’s side, Katinka Hosszu ($66,750) has made more than any of the men, with Yulia Efimova ($43,500) sitting third. The second cluster will end this week, with more than $150,000 in cluster bonuses to be given out in both genders.


  • September 7-9, Kazan, Russia (50m)
  • September 13-15, Doha, Qatar (50m)
  • September 28-30, Eindhoven, Netherlands (25m)
  • October 4-6, Budapest, Hungary (25m)
  • November 2-4, Beijing, China (25m)
  • November 9-11, Tokyo, Japan (25m)
  • November 15-17, Singapore (25m)


Event Prizes

Prize money is given to the top 6 in each individual event:

  • Gold: $1500
  • Silver: $1000
  • Bronze: $500
  • 4th: $400
  • 5th: $300
  • 6th: $200

Prize money is also given to the top 3 mixed relay teams (though no series points are earned).

  • Gold: $3000
  • Silver: $2000
  • Bronze: $1000

In our money lists, we’ve given each relay member one quarter of that money, which amounts to $750 for a win, $500 for second and $250 for third.

World Record Bonuses

Each world record is worth a $10,000 bonus.

Cluster Bonuses

The 9-meet series is broken into 3 clusters. Each cluster awards bonuses for the top 8 athletes in points over those three meets. An athlete must swim all meets in the cluster to earn a cluster bonus:

  • 1st: $50,000
  • 2nd: $35,000
  • 3rd: $30,000
  • 4th: $20,000
  • 5th: $10,000
  • 6th: $5,000
  • 7th: $4,000
  • 8th: $3,000

Series Bonuses

And the series as a whole will give out bonuses to the top 3 men and women in total series points:

  • 1st: $150,000
  • 2nd: $100,000
  • 3rd: $50,000

2018 World Cup Money List

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1 year ago

So, if Sarah Sjostrom shows same performance in Budapest she will be out of reach in bonus points competition and is actually guaranteed the Grand Prize. She doesn’t need to swim hard in Asian cluster to be the winner. Hosszu to stay above Efimova needs another Doha where her level of performance will be good enough to earn bonus points. If Wang Jianjiahe participates in Asian Cluster she has a good chances to be the second in total points count under conditions that competition at Asian stops will be at the same level as at European ones. But I think it won’t happen and Hosszu will secure her second place by winning in some ridiculous races. Also i think that… Read more »

1 year ago

Your money tables shows that Sasha Touretski earned $900, but Alexandra Touretski earned $1300.
Sasha is diminutive name for Alexandra in Russian. So if those swimmers are indeed two different persons it will be very weird. If it is not then how much has Sasha(Alexandra) actually earned?

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