Sixth-Place Emily Weiss Reinstated To 100 Breast Final After DQ


17-year-old Emily Weiss has been reinstated to the women’s 100 breast final after originally being disqualified for multiple dolphin kicks off the start.

Weiss was one of a number of disqualifications for extra dolphin kicks in the 100 breaststrokes this morning, but by far the most impactful. Weiss was 1:08.02 this morning, taking 6th overall and all-but-clinching a berth on the US Junior Pan Pacs team. The disqualification would have kept her off that squad. Now, all she has to do is finish tonight’s race without a DQ and she’s a lock for Junior Pan Pacs, and could challenge for the senior team if she can move into the top 3.

Weiss could also be in the mix for a 2019 World University Games or Pan American Games berth as well.

Weiss’s DQ was originally announced during the event, then one event later, the meet announcer read off a revised version of the women’s 100 breast finals heat assignments that included Weiss. Weiss has been re-added to official results as well. We’ve confirmed that Weiss’s DQ was overturned after video review.

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3 years ago

I thought they were DQ’ing way too many people in the breaststrokes. Some judges get a little too aggressive.

Reply to  Jump
3 years ago

If you are dq’d because of multiple dolphin kicks, it is one of the most clear-cut violations in the S/T rule book. Don’t see how this could be a mistake.

Mr G
Reply to  Swimmomtoo
3 years ago

Except off the start: they dive deep and the splash/waves/ripples etc. make it impossible to discern such a violation from the surface (unless they are doing it very late, after the water surface as has cleared).

Sometimes the shape of the waves indicates there may very well have been multiple kicks, but one needs to witness it directly to call a DQ.

I’m glad they had video review for this.

Barney Gumble
Reply to  Swimmomtoo
3 years ago

When video is available it should be used. In fact they should have multiple officials watching each lane on live underwater cameras! Lord knows they can afford it!
LOVE the beer tent!

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