Remembering President George H.W. Bush: Yale Swimming Fan

As President George H.W. Bush is honored today at his funeral in Washington, D.C., we found an old photo from SwimSwam photographer Tim Binning of Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush at the 2009 NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships.

Famously a passionate sports fan, the 41st president of the United States attended the national swimming championships, which were held at Texas A&M University in Bush’s home state of Texas. Bush, a Yale grad himself, was in attendance to watch Yale standout Alex Righi tie an American record in the 50 free and earn two All-America honors that year, per Yale. The picture above shows President and former first lady Bush at that 2009 meet.

Bush was not only a major sports fan, but an athlete himself. He played on the baseball team at Yale, leading the Bulldogs to play for two College World Series titles in the 1940s. In fact, his Yale teams played in the first two College World Series’ in 1947 and 1948. He stayed regularly connected to many sports, most notably Major League Baseball’s Houston Astros, according to

The elder President Bush was 94 years old when he died last Friday. His funeral services were today in Washington, D.C.

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Awesome, great man. I want to say that John Kennedy was on the Harvard swim team.


Correct about Kennedy. And here’s an article from Harvard’s student newspaper, in 1970, talking about his time on the swim team:


Don’t think man dignitaries would go out of there way to do that. RIP Mr. President

cynthia curran

I was one of those people that voted twice for him. He did like sports.


So edgy

Steve Nolan

He was bad. His family is bad.


C’mon dude, you can disagree with his decisions and still realize he was a genuinely good human being. Besides, a swimming forum probably isn’t the place for political discussions (which happen with odd frequency here).

Steve Nolan

He ran the Willie Horton ad. He wasn’t a good person.

(But I mean, if we’re judging the last four Republican presidents…he’s prolly the best one! Still horrible, but hey, not as bad as a white supremacists whose brain is melting or the guy who did 9/11*!!! And before you yell at MUH BIAS, the last two Democratic presidents were also bad.)

((*that was a joke but his son was a monster, lol))

And re:poltiics & swimming – they shouldn’t be separated! There are plenty of things to get political about in this sport – the recent ISL v FINA stuff is politics, the Safesport posts are politics, hell even college commitments are politics in a way.


“Best to remain silent and be thought a fool than comment on SwimSwam and remove all doubt”

Steve Nolan

wait why do people think the bushes are good.

cynthia curran

George H was a moderate more so than his son.


We already knew Steve was a fool

running start to touch backstroke flags

So True. He is a war criminal many time over. Like Obama and W. Utter disasters to the world for U.S. imperialism.

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