Quiz Time: Find Your Swim Stroke Soulmate

Have some fun this week trying out our latest SwimSwam Quiz: Find Your Swim Stroke Soulmate!

You say you’re a breaststroker but is that really where your soul lives? Freestyle comes easy to you, so does that mean you have a fate-type connection with that stroke?

Ok, maybe our latest quiz doesn’t answer questions that deep, but it does give you a fun opportunity to try to match up your personality and preferences with a particular swimming discipline.

Maybe you’re a true backstroke yearning to get out of your butterfly shell, or perhaps IM events truly are where your swimming talent lies. Whatever the case may be, in just a minute or so, have fun finding out your swim stroke soulmate in our quiz that peeks into what really makes you dive into that cold water every day.

Share your match results in the comments below and let us know if you agree or disagree with the outcome produced by the quiz.

In case you missed our first quiz, Which Famous Swimmer Are You? try that one out here.

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Butterfly. The survey didn’t indicate the distance but it’s clearly 25’s. Or 12.5’s.


I got breaststroke. I’m a flyer and I hate breaststroke most of the time.

GA Boy

Or do you?


Breaststroke and I only swam back/free lol

GA Boy

Maybe you’re focusing on the wrong thing…


Guess so, but I just graduated from college. Maybe I’ll focus on breast for masters 🙂

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