Quiz Time: Which Famous Swimmer Are You?

You’ve done our crossword puzzles and word scrambles, but sometimes a brain needs a break! Enter the inaugural SwimSwam quiz, which gives you a chance to just have some fun making a connection with the world’s greatest swimmers.

Reading about the successes, tribulations, and individual stories surrounding our favorite aquatic athletes allows us to connect with them on both athletic and personal levels. We can relate to everything from their mental approach to racing to their choice of pets to their go-to hobbies outside of the water.

In this vein, we created a totally unscientific ‘Which Famous Swimmer Are You?’ quiz.

Think you’re most like the world’s fastest breaststroking female? Or, are you more in tune with a famous fly guy? Answer a few short questions to meet your match and gain more insight into your all-around swimmer identity.

Remember, this is just for amusement while most of us are still under societal lockdown. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be enlightening in rebuilding your swimmer motivation once you’re able to get back to ‘normal’ training.

Share your match results in the comments below and let us know if you agree or disagree with the outcome produced by the quiz.

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I’m Michael Phelps? That would certainly give him a laugh… I’m more of a blonde Debbie Phelps.

Phelps Face

Ha I love this!
Gave me something to do. Keep them coming!


I got Lilly King…but my worst stroke is breaststroke 😂


Because you responded to the blocks question with wag my finger.

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