Schroeder YMCA To Run Multiple Meets This Summer, Beginning July 3

While some swimming competitions have started to run in various parts of the world, the first announced meet in the U.S. appears to be taking place at the beginning of July in Wisconsin.

The Schroeder YMCA Swim/Dive Team, located in Brown Deer, has three tentative meets scheduled to run, with the first on Friday, July 3.

The meet will be an intrasquad affair, featuring the club’s 11-14 year-olds with state cuts, their senior athletes and their college athletes. The meet will be short course yards, with athletes wearing race suits.

“It will be a fun way to get back to racing and test out our new procedures for racing,” age group coach Caleb Hernday told SwimSwam.

The following weekend, Schroeder will host a dual meet with nearby club Oshkosh YMCA on July 11. This meet will be long course. These first two meets will not be sanctioned.

Using what they learned from the first two meets, Schroeder then hopes to host a larger meet in late July or early August in place of its annual Sprint/Distance meet that usually runs in May.

“We will take all that we learned from both our intra-squad and dual meet to make it a safe and fun experience,” said Hernday. “It will be long course as well.”

As you would expect, there are several new restrictions put in place for the meets due to COVID-19. Check out some of the key points below:

  • No warm up or warm down in the competition pool — at least two lanes available in small pool throughout the meet.
  • Athletes and families remain outside the pool at all times when not competing, adhering to social distancing guidelines. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in removal from the meet.
  • Masks worn at all times (outside of vehicles) until the referee signals your race is ready to start.
  • Athletes can watch the meet via YouTube live to follow the action and know when to get ready.
  • No timers used — only touchpads (if there is a soft touch, athlete receives NT).
  • No locker room or shower use, restrooms may be used one at a time per gender.

You can check out the full meet information here.

The state rules in Wisconsin amid the pandemic have varied by county, and Schroeder, located in Milwaukee county, also has a range of regulations in different suburbs.

Schroeder managed to run a trial practice on May 16 while working with the North Shore Health Department (NSHD), and got the go-ahead to resume training at one per-lane on May 22.

“We took eight athletes and tested our new system for running safe practices,” said Hernday. “We recorded the new system and showed it to all of our families. Each lead coach met with their respective groups (both athletes and parents) and broke down the new guidelines.”

As the NSHD moved into Phase 2, the club transitioned to a two-per-lane system on June 1.

“We began our most novice level swimmers this week after about 4ish weeks of practicing our new guidelines,” he said. “So far it’s worked out great! The families are all very appreciative of our guidelines and the athletes have been amazing in following them. Every once in a while we have to correct them, but it’s more a mental lapse than a disregard for the rules.

“We are excited to try and find ways to run competitions!”

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It will be interesting to see how this goes. I was skeptical when I saw the headline, but now that I’ve read the plan, it sounds reasonable. Not having any general warm-up and limited lane space for it during the meet is going to be tough for some swimmers. They will have to adapt and develop on land warm-up strategies, although I can’t imagine swimming a 200 fly long course with just a few jumping jacks beforehand. My shoulders would be screaming.


How incredibly over restrictive!

15 mins of close contact required for transmission- timers aren’t at risk of causing spread

Why swim if NT Is an option?

Waaaay too much restriction for kids to call this fun


The older kids should know how to hit a touch pad properly. The times don’t count anyway, it isn’t sanctioned. These are just test meets, so perhaps less emphasis on outcome and more emphasis on process of functioning in a new normal might be the point.

Swim mom

Can you be more negative?


What some call negative, others call realistic. “New normal” is a load of hogwash. The pandemic is almost over in the states and team apocalypse is holding out hopes that all these new positives (in a much younger population) will continue the restrictions and security theater even longer.

If you’re under 75 and relatively healthy, Covid will be quite mild. We should do everything we can to protect the actual at risk and drop all this other nonsense.


Just a note – there have been a good number of people under 75 who are healthy who nevertheless suffered greatly with COVID. While it is mild in most people in this category, it does impact some and does lead to death in some.


Good point, as always. I have also read about a few authentic cases of healthy young people who have suffered from COVID, which has always been on my mind. However, one case I just read about had a picture of the teen boy who appeared to be seriously overweight, despite him being repeatedly described as a perfectly healthy young man. I don’t know if there is a link between obesity and vulnerability to COVID, but I think how the word healthy is used can be subjective.


There are always outliers and the media loves to highlight those.

If you don’t care for what I say, totally fine. Use personal responsibility and it’s not an issue! The virus is not magical. It takes a solid 10 minutes of close contact to transfer (and mostly has to be with a symptomatic or mildly symptomatic person).

Cruise ships, nursing homes, prisons, meat packing plants, multi generational housing and this thing spreads like wildfire unfortunately.


I agree that the restrictions here are a little much and some media sites certainly hype fear around COVID. But I also just want to acknowledge you can be healthy and COVID can still knock you out for 2 weeks. That’s all!

ct swim fan

You forgot bars, sporting events and campaign rallies.


Not protests though. No spike from those.

We have a very smart virus on our hands. Knows the difference between a protest and a sporting event.


You’re right – it would seem like obesity would disqualify you as being healthy. But I have read many stories (and have personal experience) of young people who were undeniably healthy but suffered nonetheless. Again, it’s not a huge percentage but it is something. And I will try to look for literature on links between COVID and obesity.


There are a good number of people under 75 who are healthy who nevertheless suffer greatly from a myriad of contagious diseases, unfortunately.

Here, got a couple links for you to check for some comparisons:


Life is indeed cruel and uncertain. And far too
Short to spend attempting to hide
From one particular microbe.

Coach T

One of my former high school classmates was a Division I basketball player on a team that consistently made the NCAA tournament. He has been a professional overseas for over ten years. I am sure he is in much better physical condition than most people in the world and COVID knocked him out for 2 weeks. Just because it doesn’t usually affect younger people doesn’t mean it isn’t worth being cautious over.


It’s worth being cautious. And choosing the correct battles. This one is overkill in my opinion. Others are entitled to theirs.

ct swim fan

Talk some people in Texas and Arizona if you think the pandemic is over.


Again, dig deeper. Infections aren’t bad. It matters which population is being infected:


Also look at hospitalization numbers in texas. Its significantly up.


With Covid or of Covid. Big difference …. deaths continue dropping

Coach T

Really?! That’s like saying, “why race if not winning is an option?” or, “why race if a dq is a possibility?” I am a coach at a YMCA that has been back practicing for 2-3 weeks (depending on the age group) and I can tell you that my kids would have a blast with meets like this, just because they get to get up on the blocks and race. I’m working on putting together intersquad meets for my team and I am going to have to show management and the local health departments that I can do it safely (if only in their eyes). My guess is that Schroeder had to do something similar to be given the “go ahead”.


There has to be a starting point and if it’s reckless and unplanned then it will block progress for all. Be grateful we’re moving forward and let the kids decide for themselves if it’s fun. All the kids I know are happy to endure a few inconveniences now to be able to swim again. If the parents and coaches frame these changes in a positive way then the kids can be positive about it also.


Pfft… Even though the restrictions are overdone, at least they are doing something.

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