Pro Swim Series- San Antonio: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap



The third day of the San Antonio Pro Swim Series kicks off with the prelim session this morning at 9 AM CST in San Antonio. This morning’s session will include the 200 fly, 50 free, 100 back, 200 breast and 400 free.

Arizona State pro Hali Flickinger leads the psych sheet in the women’s 200 fly, while Louisville pro Zach Harting leads the men’s field. Lurking just behind Harting is Arizona State freshman Leon Marchand, who posted the top time in the world last night in the 400 IM before being DQ’d for the “Lochte Rule.”

Yesterday’s 100 fly winner Claire Curzan of the TAC Titans comes in as the top seed in the women’s 50 free, while defending Olympic champ Caeleb Dressel comes in as the top seed on the men’s side. Another Arizona State pro, Olivia Smoliga, comes in as the top seed in the women’s 100 back, while Shaine Casas leads the way in the men’s 100 back after winning the 100 fly last night.

Indiana pro Lilly King will attempt to sweep the breaststrokes this week after winning the 100 last night and coming in as the top seed in the 200 this morning. Metro Atlanta’s Nic Fink comes in as the top seed in the men’s 200 breast. Closing out the morning will be the 400 frees, with Katie Ledecky leading the women’s field. and Indiana Swim Club’s Marwan Aly El Kamash leading the men’s.

Women’s 200 fly

  • World Record: Zige Liu (CHN, 2009): 2:01.81
  • American Record: Mary Descenza (USA, 2009): 2:04.14
  • US Open Record: Hali Flickinger (USA, 2021): 2:05.85
  • Junior World Record: Suzuka Hasegawa (JPN, 2017): 2:06.29
  • Pro Swim Record: Hali Flickinger (USA, 2020): 2:06.11

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Hali Flickinger (SUN): 2:11.15
  2. Dakota Luther (Unattached): 2:11.24
  3. Emma Sticklen (TEX): 2:11.35
  4. Kelly Pash (TEX): 2:11.95
  5. Lindsay Looney (SUN): 2:12.39
  6. Olivia Carter (Unattached): 2:14.11
  7. Leah Gingrich (HURR): 2:16.96
  8. Paide Madden (Unattached): 2:17.33

Top seed Hali Flickinger of Sun Devil coasted to the top seed this morning, winning her heat in 2:11.15. She touched just ahead of Texas undergrad Emma Sticklen, who qualified 3rd overall in 2:11.35. Her teammate, Kelly Pash, qualified fourth in 2:11.95.

Georgia undergrad Dakota Luther qualified 2nd in 2:11.24, easily winning her heat to qualify just behind Flickinger.

Men’s 200 fly

  • World Record: Kristof Milak (HUN, 2019): 1:50.73
  • American Record: Michael Phelps (USA, 2009): 1:51.51
  • US Open Record: Michael Phelps (USA, 2008): 1:52.20
  • Junior World Record: Kristof Milak (HUN, 2017): 1:53.79
  • Pro Swim Record: Luca Urlando (USA, 2019): 1:53.84

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Chase Kalisz (ABSC): 1:59.99
  2. Joaquin Gonzalez Pinero (Unattached): 2:00.47
  3. Zach Harting (CARD): 2:00.64
  4. Martin Espernberger (BSS): 2:03.32
  5. Hentor Ruvalcaba Cruz (AGS): 2:03.98
  6. Matthew Hardy (SASA): 2:04.34
  7. Cooper Lucas (LAC): 2:04.57
  8. Michael Mullen (BSS): 2:04.95

Chase Kalisz, who came in as the third seed, dominated the first heat to take the top seed heading into the final with a 1:59.99. 16 year old Cooper Lucas finished 2nd in his heat to qualify 7th in 2:04.57.

19 year old Joaquin Gonzalez Pinero won the final heat in 2:00.47 to qualify second. He touched just ahead of top seeded Zach Harting, who finished in 2:00.64 to qualify third heading into the final.

Women’s 50 free

  • World Record: Sarah Sjostrom (SWE, 2017): 23.67
  • American Record: Simone Manuel (USA, 2017): 23.97
  • US Open Record: Pernille Blume (DEN, 2019): 24.08
  • Junior World Record: Rikako Ikee (JPN, 2017): 24.33
  • Pro Swim Record: Sarah Sjostrom (SWE, 2016): 24.17

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Claire Curzan (TAC): 25.04
  2. Erika Brown (TNAQ): 25.35
  3. Natalie Hinds (Unattached): 25.39
  4. Mallory Comerford (CARD): 25.45
  5. Grace Cooper (TEX): 25.79
  6. Kalia Antoniou (BAMA): 25.81
  7. Cherelle Thompson (PAQ): 25.89
  8. Diana Petkova (BAMA): 25.93

Top seeded Claire Curzan dominated the final heat, touching in 25.04 to take the top seed heading into the finals by over three tenths. Tennessee post grad Erika Brown qualified secone in 25.35 after winning her heat.

Florida pro Natalie Hinds qualified third in 25.39, while Louisville pro Mallory Comerford qualified fourth in 25.45.

A pair of Alabama undergrads, Kalia Antoniou and Diana Petkova, coming off a strong showing at the women’s NCAAs for the Crimson Tide, both qualified for the A final.

Men’s 50 free

  • World Record: Cesar Cielo Filho (BRA, 2009): 20.91
  • American Record: Caeleb Dressel (USA, 2019/2021): 21.04
  • US Open Record: Caeleb Dressel (USA, 2021): 21.04
  • Junior World Record: Michael Andrew (USA, 2017): 21.75
  • Pro Swim Record: Caeleb Dressel (USA, 2020): 21.51

Top 8 finishers:

  1. David Curtiss (NCS): 22.13
  2. Michael Andrew (MASA): 22.29
  3. Caeleb Dressel (GSC): 22.40
  4. Drew Kibler (TEX): 22.49
  5. Kaloyan Kratanov (TAMU): 22.52
  6. Jokubas Keblys (Unattached): 22.52
  7. Artyom Machekin (SDSA): 22.69
  8. Bowe Becker (SAND): 22.71

NC State freshman David Curtiss qualified first after prelims, winning his heat in 22.13. He finished just ahead of Michael Andrew, who qualified second in 22.29.

Top seed Caeleb Dressel dominated the final heat to qualify third in 22.40. Texas senior Drew Kibler, who won the 200 free last night, qualified 4th with a 22.49.

Women’s 100 back

  • World Record: Kaylee McKeown (AUS, 2021): 57.45
  • American Record: Regan Smith (USA, 2019): 57.57
  • US Open Record: Regan Smith (USA, 2021): 57.92
  • Junior World Record: Regan Smith (USA, 2019): 57.57
  • Pro Swim Record: Regan Smith (USA, 2020): 58.18

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Claire Curzan (TAC): 1:00.24
  2. Rhyan White (BAMA): 1:00.97
  3. Olivia Smoliga (Unattached).Phoebe Bacon (Unattached): 1:01.27
  4. —-
  5. Beata Nelson (WA): 1:01.84
  6. Gabby Deloof (CW): 1:01.85
  7. Aviv Barzelay (TAMU): 1:02.05
  8. Olivia Bray (TEX): 1:02.24

Just minutes after qualifying first in the 50 free, TAC Titans’ Claire Curzan captured another top seed in the 100 back, qualifying first in 1:00.24.

The only other swimmer under 1:01 this morning was Alabama undergrad Rhyan White, who qualified second in 1:00.97.

Top seed Olivia Smoliga and Wisconsin undergrad Phoebe Bacon tied for the third seed with a 1:01.27.

Men’s 100 back

  • World Record: Ryan Murphy (USA, 2016): 51.85
  • American Record: Ryan Murphy (USA, 2016): 51.85
  • US Open Record: Aaron Peirsol (USA, 2009): 51.94
  • Junior World Record: Kliment Kolesnikov (RUS, 2018): 52.53
  • Pro Swim Record: David Plummer (USA, 2016): 52.40

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Shaine Casas (Unattached): 55.25
  2. Coleman Stewart (WOLF): 55.44
  3. Sam Stewart (Unattached): 55.75
  4. Paul Le (WOLF): 56.35
  5. Ogi Maric (Unattached): 56.55
  6. Arijus Pavlidi (CS): 56.82
  7. Kristofer Rogic (CSUB): 57.17
  8. Yeziel Morales (AZFL): 57.27

Top seed Shaine Casas took care of business this morning, qualifying first in 55.25 after dominating the final heat. NC State pro Coleman Stewart qualified second, just behind Casas in 55.44. Rounding out the top 3 was Sam Stewart, who finished in 55.75.

Stewart’s Wolfpack Elite training partner Paul Le qualified fourth in 56.35.

Women’s 200 breast

  • World Record: Tatjana Schoenmaker (RSA, 2021): 2:18.95
  • American Record: Rebecca Soni (USA, 2012): 2:19.59
  • US Open Record: Rebecca Soni (USA, 2009): 2:20.38
  • Junior World Record: Viktoriya Gunes (TUR, 2015): 2:19.64
  • Pro Swim Record: Annie Lazor (USA, 2019): 2:20.77

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Anna Elendt (TEX): 2:25.98
  2. Lilly King (ISC): 2:27.68
  3. Annie Lazor (ISC): 2:31.13
  4. Mackenzie Looze (IU): 2:32.72
  5. Brearna Crawford (IU): 2:33.93
  6. Mona McSharry (TENN): 2:34.50
  7. Leah Polonsky (Unattached): 2:34.51
  8. Noelle Peplowski (IU): 2:34.90

After breaking the German record in the 100 breast yesterday, Texas sophomore Anna Elendt kept it rolling this morning by posting the top time in the 200 with a 2:25.98. She pulled away from top seeded Lilly King on the second half of the race to win the final heat, with King finishing second in 2:27.68.

Indiana-based pro Annie Lazor qualified third in 2:31.13.

Notably, 5 of the 8 finalists tonight train at Indiana University.

Men’s 200 breast

  • World Record: Anton Chupkov (RUS, 2019): 2:06.12
  • American Record: Josh Prenot (USA, 2016): 2:07.17
  • US Open Record: Josh Prenot (USA, 2016): 2:07.17
  • Junior World Record: Haiyang Qin (CHN, 2017): 2:09.39
  • Pro Swim Record: Andrew Wilson (USA, 2018): 2:08.95

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Leon Marchand (Unattached): 2:11.71
  2. Chase Kalisz (ABSC): 2:14.40
  3. Nic Fink (MAAC): 2:14.89
  4. Tommy Cope (ISC): 2:15.60
  5. Cody Miller (SAND): 2:16.89
  6. Brandon Fischer (Unattached): 2:17.07
  7. Mateusz Dubas (Unattached): 2:17.44
  8. Will Licon (TXLA): 2:17.48

Fresh off of his NCAA title in the 200 breast, Arizona State freshman blasted a 2:11.71 prelim swim to take the top seed by nearly 3 seconds. He dominated the final heat, with top seed Nic Fink touching second in 2:14.89.

Georgia pro Chase Kalisz qualified second in 2:14.40, dropping .7 from his seed. Indiana-based training partners Tommy Cope and Cody Miller qualified 4th and 5th, respectively.

Women’s 400 free

Top 8 finihsers:

  1. Katie Ledecky (Unattached): 4:04.01
  2. Leah Smith (TXLA): 4:08.46
  3. Hali Flickinger (SUN): 4:13.71
  4. Sierra Schmidt (SAC): 4:15.67
  5. Jillian Cox (TXLA): 4:16.79
  6. Yara Hiertah (NCS): 4:20.80
  7. Ella Ristic (IU): 4:21.54
  8. Adrianna Cera (MIA): 4:24.91

Top seed Katie Ledecky coasted to the top seed, winning the final heat in 4:04.01. Finishing second in her heat was Hali Flickinger, who touched in 4:13.71 to qualify 3rd overall.

Texas-based pro Leah Smith impressed this morning, touching in 4:08.46 to qualify second. Smith won the the 800 free on Wednesday night in an 8:22.

Men’s 400 free

  • World Record: Paul Biedermann (GER, 2009): 3:40.07
  • American Record: Larsen Jensen (USA, 2008): 3:42.78
  • US Open Record: Larsen Jensen (USA, 2008): 3:43.53
  • Junior World Record: Mack Horton (AUS, 2014): 3:44.60
  • Pro Swim Record: Sun Yang (CHN, 2016): 3:43.55

Top 8 finishers:

  1. Bar Soloveychik (Unattached): 3:54.13
  2. Tommylee Camblong (Unattached): 3:55.90
  3. Marwan Aly Elkamash (ISC): 3:56.37
  4. Michael Cotter (TAC): 3:57.24
  5. Oskar Lindholm (Unattached): 3:57.86
  6. Kayden Lancaster (BSS): 3:58.48
  7. Mikey Calvillo (IU): 3:58.56
  8. James Freeman (Unattached): 3:59.19

Bar Soloveychik took home the top seed in the men’s 400 free, touching in 3:54.13. Soloveychik swam in the first heat with a yards entry time.

Georgia undergrad Tommylee Camblong won the final heat in 3:55.90, touching just ahead of Indiana pro Marwan Aly Elkamash, who qualified third in 3:56.37.

6th place qualifier Kayden Lancaster, a Louisville commit who swims for the Bolles School Sharks, qualified 6th in 3:58.48. That is a near 6 second drop for the high school junior.

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1 year ago

Soloveychik seems like something you could order at a Bar

1 year ago

Any word on Ryan Held’s DQ?

1 year ago

Cotter for the win tonight… wonder how much faster he can go at trials?

Reply to  Caleb
1 year ago

Sorry man ❤️

1 year ago

Generally a pretty slow unimpressive morning! Good or bad sign for USA Trials in a couple weeks?

Reply to  Ghost
1 year ago

Eh, it’s one day of prelims at a small-ish meet where A final spots aren’t that competitive. Maybe you’re reading too much into it.

Reply to  Ghost
1 year ago

non-issue, hardly anyone’s here, finals last night the top swimmers were looking ok

Reply to  Ghost
1 year ago

International swimming is fine be slow this season. The extended Olympic cycle and upcoming slew of meets is gonna make people put this worlds on the back burner. Could see some junior level swimmers snag some spots.

Reply to  Ghost
1 year ago

Good sign because it means they’re still in heavy training.

Reply to  Ghost
1 year ago

I don’t think it means anything. A prelims session at a small-Ish meet a few weeks before trials is not much to go on.

Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
1 year ago

Obviously let’s wait for Worlds, but Claire Curzan is looking to be the winning versatile athlete we all thought MA would be.

Reply to  Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
1 year ago

Don’t mess it up, Greg! 😬

Reply to  Gulliver’s Swimming Travels
1 year ago

Lol don’t jinx it.

But really, she is looking fantastic at the moment. The thing is, unless you’re in the top 3, it doesn’t really matter. Do any of her times so far suggest she would be top 3 at worlds in any event? No. That doesn’t mean she won’t drop time with a taper, but I think it’s a little too early to speculate.

Sure, she has the top time in the world so far in the 100 fly. Shayna Jack has the top time in the 100 free but I’m not predicting an individual medal for her.

Alex Walsh 7 Golds in Paris
1 year ago

Is Texas on spring break? I can’t imagine missing this much school with NCAAs and now this meet just a few days later.

Reply to  Alex Walsh 7 Golds in Paris
1 year ago

They are not. However, the setup for virtual classes that COVID brought on has probably made this a lot easier to manage.

1 year ago

these men are underwhelming when you think about ledeckys times

Reply to  nick
1 year ago

That’s been true for 8 years now

1 year ago

You gotta make your April Fools jokes a little more believable than that 🤣