Practice + Pancakes: The 2020 Eddie Reese Invite

FORM is swim goggles with a smart display. FORM is a sports technology company with a simple mission: to break down the barriers between what swimming is and what it could be.

If you don’t know what the Eddie Reese Invite is, you need to click here right now. But for a quick refresher, the Eddie Reese Invite is an infamous event for the Texas men’s swimming team where the men suit up during a practice and race odd distances off the blocks. These distance include:

  • 600 free
  • 300 Fly, Back, Breast, Free, IM
  • 2,000 Free
  • 150 Fly, Back, Breast, Free
  • 50’s of all sorts

SwimSwam was lucky enough to capture this years Eddie Reese Invite, and boy were we stocked about it. Highlights from this year included rangy freestyle ace Drew Kibler swimming 5:09 in the 600 free, 2:27 in the 300 free, and topping it off with a 43.2 in the 100 free. NCAA Champion Austin Katz put up a 2:38 300 backstroke. Perhaps the most exciting race came at the very end, when junior transfers Chris Staka and Alvin Jiang raced a 50 underwater, both touching in well under 20 second.

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Seeing this really makes me miss the days of Joseph and Jack battling it out in the 50 fly at the Invite

Ol' Longhorn

I’m nostalgic for Townley’s 1:36’s this time of year.


Such a fun concept.

Imagine a one off pro version, some great possible match ups at 150:

Peaty vs Chupkov/Wilson/Watanabe and King vs Efimova

Milak vs Dressel

Rapsys/Sun vs Dressel

Smith vs Sjostrom in 150 IM with no breastroke. Same for Dressel vs Milak.

An exhibition 800 IM by Seto and Hosszu.

So many potential races!

P.S. Kibler looking absolutely jacked.


Plus the tattoo! We’re getting the angry, upgraded bada** Kibler for 2020 Trials


He walked into Texas as a boy and he is now a full and a half man.

Ol' Longhorn

The man is all hat plus cattle.

Right Dude Here

>full and a half

Samuel Huntington

Rapsys/Sun vs. Dressel/Chalmers. Remember Chalmers has a 1:45 PR. He’s probably the fav.


I literally thought of Chalmers just now re-reading it! Definitely the favourite (without knowing what Rapsys can do over 100, he doesn’t seem to swim it much).


IIRC Rapsys has split 47 mid in relays before though I can’t be sure.


Does Wyatt end up getting Eddie’s job any time soon?

Sir Swimsalot

Wyatt is a amazing coach and a amazing person, but cmon man it’s Eddie Reese we’re talking about here.

(I think he’s asking about when Eddie retires).

Ol' Longhorn

But Wyatt’s stopwatch is way faster. Remember the Shebat time trial 200 IM?

Right Dude Here

I trust the Shebat 2IM hand time a lot more than the Schooling 1fly hand time.

Horns up

Let’s not worry about it and just enjoy watching a legend while he’s still coaching. When Eddie retires we will all be informed until then don’t worry about who’s replacing him.


Texas fans get so triggered whenever anyone mentions Eddie retiring.

Relax. This is part of sports. Speculation on the future. “Just wait for them to tell us” is boring. I guess Texas fans don’t want anybody to care about swimming.


as a new england patriots fan, you’re absolutely right. constant speculation, just live with it

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