Texas Speed Practice, The Eddie Reese Invite – Gold Medal Minute presented by SwimOutlet.com

Gold Medal Minute presented by SwimOutlet.com

The University of Texas Swimming and Diving team is one of the greatest collegiate programs of all-time, and that fact was never more evident than last Friday when I witnessed practice.

I’ve known Longhorns Head Coach Eddie Reese just shy of 30 years, and he was my Olympic coach back in 1992, so a call from him is always nice, but when he invites you to practice,  that’s a great call!

Last Friday’s session was one big test set, known as The Eddie Reese Invite:

– 600 IM, 600 free

– 300 IM, 300 of each stroke

– 150 IM, 150 of each stroke

– 100 IM, 100 of each stroke

– 50 of each stroke

The Longhorn Men had to swim at least 4 times fast. They suited-up and Associate Head Coach Kris Kubik was the starter…and my color analyst. (Watch out Rowdy Gaines. Kubik is A-list!)

Jack Conger was clearly a highlight. His 2:38 300 yard backstroke was flawless. Based on that swim, I think Cal’s Ryan Murphy is on notice. I can’t wait to see them face-off at NCAA Champs in the 2-back.

Joe Schooling isn’t suffering any college-freshman-blues. His 2:43 300 yard butterfly was impressive, going sub 55 on his last 100, and in his 150 yard fly he was 47.9 on the way to a 1:14.

I tried to captured every swim, but it was just me behind the camera. Sorry. Lesson learned. Next time I get the call from Eddie, I’m bringing backup.

Many thanks to the Longhorns for inviting SwimSwam down to film.

You can follow the Texas Longhorns on Twitter here.

Like them on Facebook here.

Checkout their HQ here.

This is a Gold Medal Media production presented by SwimOutlet.com. Host Gold Medal Mel Stewart is a 3-time Olympic medalist and the co-founder of SwimSwam.com.

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9 years ago

Awesome. Thank you Mel, and thank you Swimswam!

9 years ago

What happened to Slow-vember?


about 9:30 into it.

Joel Lin
Reply to  Daven
9 years ago

Daven, “NO SLOW-VEMBER FOR YOU!” You’ve been Soup Nazi’ed.

Those dudes are fast.

Reply to  Joel Lin
9 years ago

No doubt. The comment was made reference to Coach Reese’s when he said if anyone wants to beat Texas they should do it in November, when they are beat up from a tough October (aka Rocktober). If that was swimming “beat up”, yikes for the competition. And the McBroom video — Wow! -speakless…

Ande Rasmussen
9 years ago

Incredible swims, Can’t wait to see how the Horns swim at the Invite, Conf, & NCAAs

Berens still has a beautiful freestyle and could get back in top shape in just a few months. He’s not interested and probably thinks it would take longer.

SPOILER ALERT: McBroom went 17:49
split it 8:55 8:52, Eddie thought he’d be around 18:15

Hook Em!
We’re Longhorns for Life

Old sprinter
Reply to  Ande Rasmussen
8 years ago

I was told that Clark Smith went 17:44 for the 2000 (split 8:52/8:52)

9 years ago

That was great! Thanks for posting. Only thing was sketchy filming tho. Was that with a DSLR? Need something with autofocus to get all the action shots.

9 years ago

haha loved watching this thanks Mel, I’d love to see more videos like this. There was one I saw about auburn doing the Gatorade set. wonder if that is still around

9 years ago

Swimming Masters at UT I see these young men almost everyday training. I am amazed at how Big, Fast and Strong they are. I feel like I am in the land of the giants standing next to some of them! As Joel notes Coach Reese and Coach Kris are salt of the earth not just as coaches, but also as role models and mentors!

Joel Lin
9 years ago

The most pronounced impression on me – again and again – is what fine salt of the earth people Eddie Reese and Kris Kubik are. Truly special people and mentors of young men who just happen to also be great swim coaches.

Ellen Sterin
9 years ago

proud to see one of our former NTN swimmers mentioned! #GoJohhnyRoberts

Ellen Sterin
Reply to  Ellen Sterin
9 years ago

proud to see one of our former NTN swimmers mentioned! #GoJohnnyRoberts

Reply to  Ellen Sterin
9 years ago

Actually two NTN swimmers were mentioned – Brett Ringgold also swam for Bill Christensen’s North Texas Nadadores!

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