Practice + Pancakes: Greater Somerset Y Gets Up for 6×400 SCM

I took a drive down to New Jersey where the Greater Somerset YMCA swim team was getting things going on a Wednesday afternoon. Coach Lou took me through the entire workout, which included a warmup that they do daily, a freestyle drill set, and 6 broke 400s on 8:00. Some swimmer highlights within this group included Rob Alexy, who just committed to Cal (following his older brother Jack, a freshman at Cal and Nat’l Jr Team member), and Anna Moesch, a Nat’l Jr Teamer who just moved to the Greater Somerset Y (this was her 3rd day with them).

Warm Up:

  • 400 Free with Snorkel
  • 6×100 @ 2:00 Kick w/ snorkel
  • 16×25 @ :30 IMO 2DR/1Bld/1Fast

Free Drill (w/ Fins)

  • 2×100 1:45 25 Right Arm Lead/25 Left Arm Lead w/ arm in saddle
  • 2×100 1:45 25 Right Arm Lead/25 Left Arm Lead w/ arm in shark fin
  • 2×100 1:45 25 Right Arm Lead/25 Left Arm Lead w/ arm in sail
  • 3×100 1:45 combo drill
  • 2×100 1:45 50 combo drill/50 perfect
  • 2×150 on 2:00 2nd to 3rd gear
  • 4×75 on :55 3rd gear

Main Set

6x Broken 400 @ 8:00 (:10 rest between every swim) (1-3-5 = 1st-3rd gear by distance, 2-4-6 = 2nd-4th gear)

  • 1-2 200/100/100
  • 3-4 150/2×75/2×50
  • 5-6 100/4×50/4×25

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2 years ago

Great Pool – Great Coach! Go get em, Lou

Big Lou Fan
2 years ago

Classic Lou workout! Great focus on fundamentals and aerobic base building! Love it!

Big mac #1
2 years ago

Chill on your first bite my man. We want you around for more of these. Especially that Georgia one or a sandpipers one.

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