Penny Oleksiak is Currently Training with the Florida Gators (Video)

Reported by Lauren Neidigh.


  1. Penny Oleksiak– 2:11.22
  2. Lindsay Looney– 2:14.49
  3. Abby Harter- 2:15.14

Canadian Olympic sprint champ Penny Oleksiak, who medaled in the 100 fly in Rio, showed off her longer range fly skills with a dominant win in the 200 fly. Oleksiak touched in 2:11.22, topping the field by over 3 seconds. Lindsay Looney and Abby Harter rounded out the top 3. Harter was within a second of her lifetime best, which she swam at this meet last season, as she outpaced Georgia’s Caitlin Cassazza (2:15.59) for 3rd.


  1. Bailey Grinter- 25.74
  2. Penny Oleksiak– 25.79
  3. Erika Brown– 26.00

Penny Oleksiak was right back in the water. She nearly grabbed a 2nd win in as many events tonight, but Bailey Grinter put her head down and dug in at the finish to top Oleksiak by 5 hundredths. Erika Brown was a tenth faster than her prelims swim to take 3rd. Local sprint star Amanda Weir, an Olympic gold medalist, finished 5th here in 26.44.

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Are Penny and Ryan Lochte and Caeleb Dressel going to have to find a new coach now that Coach Troy is retiring?


He’s not retiring from coaching. He’s just finished coaching college. He’s still coaching the pros/post grads.


And high school students…

E Gamble

Coach Troy is still coaching the Florida Pro group through 2020 Tokyo.


He’s only retiring from coaching the COLLEGE teams.

Boca babe

Yes, word on the street is they’re going down to Boca to train under Quinn Cassidy aka King of Boca.


I don’t know why a simple request for information requires NINE down-votes here on Swimswam, but thank you to all the people who were willing to take the time to answer my question.


Probably because the article you read about him retiring was the same article that explained it was only college and not from the pool deck.


Well, JOHN, clearly I’m not as informed as you are; thus the request for information. I didn’t realize it’s not OK to ask a question on this website anymore if you haven’t done sufficient research on the topic to find the answer without asking. I know now on how unfriendly the comment section has become and I’ll refrain from posting here in the future. I used to feel like this was a community of people who love competitive swimming, but I don’t anymore. I find it hard to believe that this kind of negative atmosphere is what the administration is trying to create.


Please note: None of the down-votes to the comments above were from me.


Wow, just get a beer sit back and ignore those little numbers at the bottom.


Mike, If I voiced an unpopular opinion and I got down-votes, that just shows people don’t agree with me; but, if asking a reasonable question gets such a negative response, how is anybody who is not already an expert on all swimming subjects supposed to feel comfortable joining this online “community”? For half the people who view this website, English isn’t even their primary language! Shouldn’t we be trying to welcome newbies and encourage people to be interested enough to post on these boards?


You assume that everyone is part of a “community” and want to help. Unfortunately that is not the way the internet works.
But my first guess at the down votes would be that every article or discussion about Troy retiring from UF mentioned explicitly that he would stay on with the pro group. One of the common gripes about comments is when someone remarks about something that was clearly mentioned in the article indicating that the did not read it before they commented. While not technically true here, I think that was the gist of the down votes. I still think the best idea is to not take them seriously.


Mike, your comment about not taking down-votes seriously is well-taken and certainly healthy; however, my point is not to question how the “internet” as a whole works, it is to question how this online community of swimmers and swammers functions. My understanding was that the mission of this website was to create such a “community” for people who enjoy competitive swimming, which is a relatively small group (compared with baseball fans, for example). Clearly, I skimmed through the article about Coach Troy too quickly and I was ill-informed, but I still think it is unnecessary and excessively negative to down-vote simple requests for information, and a website where that is the norm is not, in my opinion, welcoming to swimming… Read more »


You are mistaking the mission of the website with the mission of some arbitrary down voters. People have requested before that they just take the votes away entirely. Your reaction to them is an argument in favor of that but on the whole I think a majority want them even if they get their feelings hurt sometimes.


What community are you talking about? This is the anonymous forum. If it happens that somebody is nice to you then appreciate the luck. You asked question – you actually got an answer. What else do you want? Why do you care about negative votes if you don’t know those people? Don’t give up posting, please.


Yozhik, Hello! I’m happy to see you posting comments here because I know you have intelligent opinions and love a lively debate! The “community” I am talking about is the group of people who frequent this website, which as I understand it, is attempting to create an online community to provide information and entertainment for swimming fans. Perhaps you didn’t notice, but I thanked the people who answered my question above, by the way. My point is that I did not voice an opinion with which a reader might disagree and feel the need to down-vote, I simply asked a question. If people didn’t want to answer my question, they certainly could ignore it! I try to be a positive… Read more »

Steve Nolan

I just downvoted all your comments and it was really fun.

I didn’t even read it, just THWACK, minus sign.


Seems uncalled for.

Steve Nolan

One of the few sets of wedges at that meet appearing at 47 seconds, lol.

Bad Knees

No Dressel interview?

Tammy Touchpad Error

U gotta win something to get an interview. B finals don’t count.

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