Pebley: “You’d think I’d have it down by this point” (Video)

Reported by Chelsea Howard. 



The top three in the men’s 200 backstroke were all 2:00.66 or faster. Jacob Pebley held on to his top seed from this morning winning the 200 backstroke by nearly two seconds. Arkady Vyatchanin was second in a 1:58.61 and Sean Lehane was third with a time of 2:00.66. From there, the field dropped off three seconds.

The B Final was won by 15 year-old Ian Grum in a time of 2:06.24.

Top 8:

  1. Pebley, 1:56.88
  2. Vyatchanin, 1:58.61
  3. Lehane, 2:00.66
  4. Quah, 2:03.04
  5. Fredriksson, 2:03.19
  6. Echeverry, 2:04.64
  7. Perry, 2:06.14
  8. Pinzon, 2:08.80

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