2017 Arena Pro Swim Series – Mesa: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


The 2017 Arena Pro Swim Series finals at Mesa will begin at 9am Pacific Time after a highly competitive morning on day two. The prelims for this morning include the 200 fly, 200 breast, 100 back, and 50 freestyle, along with the slower final heats of the women’s 800 and men’s 1500.



Top 8

  1. Ella Eastin: 2:11.81
  2. Lauren Case: 2:12.41
  3. Kelsi Worrell: 2:12.63
  4. Helena Gasson: 2:13.84
  5. Hannah Saiz: 2:15.65
  6. Ashlyn Fiorilli: 2:16.39
  7. Haley Anderson: 2:16.82
  8. Mary-Sophie Harvey: 2:17.15

Stanford’s Ella Eastin will swim in the fast lane tonight in the women’s 200 fly, after putting up a 2:11.81 this morning. Her best time in the event is a 2:10.12 from 2015 Junior Nationals. Texas freshman Lauren Case came up second with 2:12.63, about two seconds off her best. 2016 Olympian Kelsi Worrell will be the swimmer to beat tonight, however, after going 2:12.63, four seconds off her personal best from last year’s Olympic Trials.

Also in the field tonight will be Helena Gasson of New Zealand, Schroeder YMCA’s Hannah SaizAshlyn Fiorilli, 2012 Olympic 10k silver medalist Haley Andersonand Mary-Sophie Harvey of Canada, who has had a fantastic meet this weekend. She upset Katie Ledecky last night in the 400 IM.



Top 8

  1. Chase Kalisz: 1:59.68
  2. Zach Harting: 2:00.79
  3. Jonathan Gomez: 2:00.93
  4. Tom Shields: 2:01.30
  5. Zheng Wen Quah: 2:01.44
  6. Hector Ruvalcaba Cruz: 2:01.85
  7. Brendan Meyer: 2:02.61
  8. Taylor Abbott: 2:02.65

Georgia’s Olympic silver medalist in the 400 IM Chase Kalisz was the only swimmer under 2:00 this morning in the 200 fly, coming in with 1:59.68, about 3.5 seconds off his best 1:56.48 from last year’s Olympic Trials. The Dark Knight himselfZach Harting of the University of Louisville, will be the lane 5 swimmer tonight, after touching in 2:00.79, followed by SMU’s Jonathan Gomez in 2:00.93.

Short course meters American record holder and 2016 Olympian Tom Shields was third in 2:00.93, followed by his fellow Rio Olympian Zheng Wen Quah of Singapore in 2:01.44.

Also swimming in the A final tonight will be Hector Ruvalcaba Cruz, Brenden Meyer, and Tyler Abbott. 

Daniil Antipov of Russia just missed the A final by .05 with 2:02.70.



Top 8

  1. Molly Hannis: 1:06.79
  2. Katie Meili: 1:06.98
  3. Andrea Cottrell: 1:08.69
  4. Breeja Larson: 1:08.75
  5. Madisyn Cox: 1:08.97
  6. Zoe Bartel: 1:09.60
  7. Melanie Margalis: 1:10.27
  8. Riley Scott: 1:11.57

Rio Olympian Molly Hannis of Tennessee Aquatics swam a 1:06.79 to become the top qualifier this morning. She is the sixth-fastest swimmer in the world this year with her 1:06.47 from the Arena PSS in Indy.

Her Olympic bronze medalist teammate Katie Meili of SwimMAC put up a 1:06.98 to become the second qualifier in the women’s 100 breast this morning. If she wasn’t already the seventh-fastest swimmer this season with her 1:06.91 from the Arena PSS – Indy, that time would put her 10th in the world.

Louisville’s Andrea Cottrell was fourth with 1:08.69, followed by 2012 Olympic gold medalist in the 400 medley relay Breeja Larson of NYAC with 1:08.75. Texas’s Madisyn Cox was fifith with 1:08.97, followed by Zoe Bartel, 2016 Olympian Melanie Margalisand Riley Scott. 



Top 8

  1. Kevin Cordes: 1:01.09
  2. Carlos Claverie: 1:02.25
  3. Raphael Rodrigues: 1:02.49
  4. Josh Prenot: 1:02.50
  5. Miguel de Lara Ojeda: 1:02.62
  6. Brad Craig: 1:02.79
  7. Michael Andrew: 1:02.88
  8. Azad Al-Barazi: 1:02.92

American record holder and 2016 Olympian Kevin Cordes put up a 1:01.09 to qualify first in the men’s 100 breast this morning, coming in over half a second off his season-best 1:00.43 from Indy.

Venezuelan 2016 Olympian Carlos Claverie of Louisville was over a second back in 1:02.25, followed by Brazil’s Raphael Rodrigues in 1:02.49. Cal’s 2016 Olympic silver medalist in the 200 breast Josh Prenot was fourth with 1:02.50.

Also in the ‘A’ final field tonight will be Miguel de Lara Ojeda, Brad Craig, 2016 short course world champion in the 100 IM Michael Andrewand Azad Al-Barazi. 



Top 8

  1. Ali DeLoof: 1:00.55
  2. Mie Nielsen: 1:01.56
  3. Kendyl Stewart: 1:02.14
  4. Simone Manuel: 1:02.16
  5. Claire Adams: 1:02.17
  6. Erin Voss: 1:03.05
  7. Bayley Stewart: 1:03.05
  8. Eva Merrell: 1:03.16

Ali DeLoof put up the quickest time in the 100 back this morning, swimming 1:00.55. That time was about three-quarters of a second off her seasons-best 59.82 from the Arena Pro Swim from Indy. (She is the eighth-fastest swimmer in the world this year.)

Mie Nielsen of Denmark, the seventh-fastest swimmer in the world this year with her 59.81 from Antwerp, was second with 1:01.56. Trojan Swim Club’s Kendyl Stewart was third with 1:02.14.

Stanford’s 2016 Olympic gold medalist in the 100 freestyle Simone Manuel was fourth with 1:02.16. Texas freshman Claire Adams finished fifth with 1:02.17.

Erin Voss, Bayley Stewart, and Eva Merrell will also compete in the A final.

Georgia’s Olympian Olivia Smoliga DSFed this morning after coming into the event as the second seed. She tweeted earlier today that she is sick, but watching on from the sidelines.

Canadian Olympian Taylor Ruck was another significant DFS in the event.



Top 8:

  1. Matt Grevers: 55.33
  2. Jacob Pebley: 55.51
  3. Sean Lehane: 55.51
  4. Arkady Vyatchanin: 55.75
  5. Petter Fredriksson: 55.99
  6. Cameron Craig: 56.01
  7. Dylan Carter: 56.18
  8. Luke Pechmann: 57.82

Olympic gold medalist Matt Grevers of Tucson Ford Dealers came in first this morning with 55.33, two seconds off his season-best 51.31 from the Austin PSS. 2016 Olympian Jacob Pebley and Tennessee’s Sean Lehane were second with 55.51.

NYAC’s Arkady Vyatchanin was fourth with 55.75, followed by Petter Fredreksson with 55.99.

Cameron Craig, Dylan Carter, and Luke Pechmann will also swim the A final tonight.



Top 8

  1. Ella Eastin: 2:14.04
  2. Mary-Sophie Harvey: 2:14.38
  3. Madisyn Cox: 2:14.79
  4. Melanie Margalis: 2:14.79
  5. Taylor Ruck: 2:15.47
  6. Katie Drabot: 2:16.03
  7. Louise Hansson: 2:16.18
  8. Helena Gasson: 2:17.25

SCY American record holder Ella Eastin of Stanford grabbed her second top qualification of the morning in the 200 IM, swimming 2:14.04. Mary-Sophie Harvey, who outswam Katie Ledecky to win the 400 IM yesterday, qualified second with 2:14.38, followed by Texas’s Madisyn Cox in 2:14.79.

2016 Olympian Melanie Margalis qualified fourth, followed by Canadian 2016 Olympian Taylor Ruck in 2:15.47. Stanford’s Katie Drabot, USC’s Swedish Olympian Louis Hansson, and New Zealand’s Helena Gasson round out the A final.

Simone Manuel DFSed the event. Katie Ledecky came up 10th with 2:18.93 for the second seed in the B final behind Brooke Forde of Lakeside (2:17.33).



Top 8

  1. Chase Kalisz: 2:03.01
  2. Bradlee Ashby: 2:03.35
  3. Josh Prenot: 2:03.79
  4. Carlos Claverie: 2:04.34
  5. Michael Andrew: 2:04.34
  6. Michael Weiss: 2:05.53
  7. Henrique Rodrigues: 2:06.61
  8. Jarod Arroyo: 2:06.61

Georgia and NBAC’s Olympic silver medalist Chase Kalisz took the top seed this morning with 2:03.01 in the 400 IM. New Zealand’s Bradlee Ashby was second with 2:03.35, followed by Cal’s Olympic silver medalist Josh Prenot with 2:03.79.

Louisville’s Carlos Claverie was fourth in 2:04.34, followed by Michael Andrew of Race Pace with 2:04.52. Michael Weiss finished sixth in 2:05.53, and Brazil’s Henrique Rodrigues was seventh in 2:06.61. Puerto Rico’s 16-year-old Jarod Arroyo of Pitchfork Aquatics was eighth in 2:06.61.

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IMs for days
7 years ago

I didn’t kwow grevers swam a 51.31 this year!
Gotta love typos?

7 years ago

Taylor Abbott, not Tyler

7 years ago

Mallory Comerford skipped so anticipated 200 freestyle but doesn’t mind to race 800.

stanford fan
7 years ago

Anyone know why Eastin scratched both 200 fly and 200 im?

E Gamble
Reply to  stanford fan
7 years ago

My guess is Easter Sunday. There were a lot of final scratches last year as well on the last day of finals.

7 years ago

Ledecky actually looking tired in her swim

Reply to  NORTH
7 years ago

No way. That,s not ledecky. She,s an extraterrestial ?.

But seriously ledecky has been looking tired since the NCAA,s. She,s been looking tired since even before the NCAA,s actually which is weird. It all started with her 400 IM yards record swim before the NCAA,s

Then at the NCAA,s she was looking tired although her swims were stellar. 4:24 in the 500 yard free and 15:07 in the 1650 hard free. It was quite unusual. She was supposed to be tapperd there.

She looks tired here too.

Reply to  Carlo
7 years ago

If she is tired for almost two months already as you said then it is an excellent news. It’s great because if under such terrible physical conditions she is making 54.7, 1:56 and 4:01 and repeats her personal best at 400IM then something spectacular awaits for us in Budapest. 🙂
But i think she isn’t tired that is how hard training is looking like. I hope.

Reply to  Prickle
7 years ago

i think u are right . She will be super solid this summer ……..

7 years ago

I thought ruck was supposed to swim today?

E Gamble
Reply to  Hswimmer
7 years ago

Didn’t she swim last week when she was not at 100%? She needs to rest. ?

Reply to  Hswimmer
7 years ago

She’s in 200 IM final, scratched 100 back

Swim fan
7 years ago

What happened to Olivia Smoglia?

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