Olympic Medalist Hali Flickinger Intimately Details The Past Two-Year Grind

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We sat down with two-time Olympic medalist and Team Speedo athlete Hali Flickinger.  This Cali Condors swim star has been busy since Tokyo.  In this podcast Hali dives into the past, detailing her journey to the Olympic podium since her days competing at YMCA Nationals.  Hali’s a workhorse, grinding in practice to compete on the biggest stage in sport in the 200 butterfly and 400 IM.  The move to train under iconic swim coach Bob Bowman paid off, but she did not expect to train through a pandemic on her road to the Olympic Games.  Hali gets raw and real in this interview explaining the ups and downs, and how she managed her mental health.  Her Speedo MAKE WAVES moment includes her mental health management. She leaned into her swim-family, her Olympic teammates, a special crew that assembled nightly during the Games. Listen for the name of this unique group of elite women. You’ll appreciate the power of this sisterhood.

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cynthia curran
8 months ago

I think she made the right decision to stay in Maricopia County. Its gone up in housing pricing in result years but still cheaper than Austin. Its warmer than PA where she came The difference between elite swimming and masters swimming. Is top 200 flyers in masters just need to be able to do it/ not swim the 400 Im’s like elite swimmers in non-masters swimming. In one age group the world record in the 65 to 69 year old age group is held by a woman that was a freestyle sprinter as a kid, so masters is very different than USA swimming.

Steve Nolan
8 months ago

throw me into a ravine hali

8 months ago

Have always loved Hali for her tenacity and really appreciate her vulnerability in this interview. A constant role model for everyone, especially the more vertically challenged.

Reply to  Gold Medal Mel Stewart
8 months ago

First of all it was choice. Secondly, Dressel (and others) went right into it, but Hali went 3 months later….not the same!

50M Pools Rule
8 months ago

She’s the best.

I win, you lose
8 months ago

When exactly did she start training with Bowman?

Reply to  I win, you lose
8 months ago
8 months ago

Off topic: Junior Pan Am Games just finished and here are the highlight would be Balducinni (Turned 17 now) who went 54,63 on the 100 free

8 months ago

That 200 fly WR will require a „Kristof Milak type of talent“ on the female side to get broken.

Mr Piano
Reply to  Swimfan
8 months ago

A Mary T talent

Reply to  Swimfan
8 months ago

I think Yufei can do it if she’s not spread so thin at a meet. Her roots are in the 200 fly and now she has the 55+ 100 fly speed it’s going to take for someone to do it. To me, it’s going to take three things to get it:
1. A 55+ 100 fly
2. Someone who trains for the event rather than just goes up to it from the 100
3. You have to actually like the 200 fly

Yufei ticks all three boxes. As a 52 second 100 freestyler, she chose to swim three rounds of the 200 fly instead, with the final the same night as the 800 free relay. She clearly… Read more »

Reply to  Aquajosh
8 months ago

She actually didn’t know she was swimming the 800 free relay until after the 200 fly final.

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