NYSPHSAA Cancels Winter Championships, Including Boys Swimming & Diving

by Spencer Penland 7

December 12th, 2020 Coronavirus, High School, News

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) announced yesterday that it will be canceling its winter state championships due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The cancellation of winter championships has an effect on boys swimming & diving, as well as bowling, boys and girls basketball, competitive cheerleading, gymnastics, indoor track & field, ice hockey, skiing, and wrestling.

Although the championships are being canceled, low-risk and moderate-risk sports are still going to be allowed to start and compete their seasons as scheduled. High-risk sports, namely basketball, boys lacrosse, competitive cheerleading, football, ice hockey, volleyball, and wrestling are being postponed until spring. Since some of those sports, such as volleyball and football are traditionally fall sports, they’ve now been postponed for a second time.

NYSPHSAA president Julie Bergman said of the move, “As an educator, I am witnessing first-hand the challenges our member schools are facing each day in addressing this pandemic. It is important we continue listening to the concerns being expressed by our membership when making decisions impacting interscholastic athletics.”

See the full press release from NYSPHSAA in the tweet below:

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Low Gap
9 months ago


Sports are not the problem. This is their own data.

Mark Rauterkus
9 months ago

Plan a trip in March 2021 to St. Petersburg, Florida, for the ISCA meet instead.

9 months ago

Blue state

Captain Ahab
9 months ago

99.997% survival rate.

Reply to  Captain Ahab
9 months ago

Check your math…
296k US deaths in 16 MM cases = 1.9% fatality or 98.1% survival

Last edited 9 months ago by JBS
Corn Pop
Reply to  JBS
9 months ago

Ppl in care homes have a much greater than 1.9% fatality rate in any year. So you might need to subtract them for a general community risk .

In a reverse of UK & NY , Victoria tried to ‘ help them by retrieving them from care homes if they tested + & transporting them to hospitals incl ( usually underfunded severely non glam ) geriatric wards. Unfortunately these ppl became more distressed kicked, screamed & spat etc & infected health staff . The other non positive left behind were also distressed , isolated with no visitors etc . These are at increased risk of dying in 2021 anyhow.

We will have raised deaths in Covid , suicides e.g.… Read more »

Reply to  JBS
9 months ago

There’s a massive age-related demographic skew in the mortality stats. There are more pediatric deaths from influenza in a typical year than there have been from covid.

Frankly, in my state the number of teens who have killed themselves in the last 9 months due to restrictions and school and activity closures has been quite a bit greater than the number of kids who have died of covid.