‘Ninjas’ May Be On Guard At Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

With possible flying cars and the use of facial recognition software on the horizon, Tokyo 2020 organizers have already upped the cool factor when it comes to producing the Summer Olympic Games. Things may be getting potentially even more interesting, with onsite security guards possibly performing their duties dressed as none other than ninja warriors.

Per The Japan Times,  SCC Security Company has expressed vocal interest in contracting with organizers to provide guards for the 2020 Summer Games. What’s unique about the security company in particular is that its guards perform duties dressed as ninjas. Drawing upon its home city of Koka’s history as the birthplace of a prominent ninja school, it’s not uncommon to find the SCC security guards dressed in replica costumes, complete with faux throwing stars.

SCC Co. head Maya Miyoshi is hoping her company’s unique presentation will land contracts with organizers for the Olympic and Paralympic Games now less than 930 days away.

“We want to contribute to the Tokyo Olympics. If we draw attention, it will energize the industry as well,” Miyoshi told The Japan Times. “Ninjas are world-class icons and we want people to feel familiar with security at sports facilities.”

“I’ve always liked to do something different. I want to make a change in the security industry, which appears to be old-fashioned and sober,” said Miyoshi.

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Sir Swimsalot

I’ve been looking forward to Tokyo for a long time. Japan delivers, but dang this just made things so much better!

The Screaming Viking!

when my team hosts the olympics swim meet our security guys will be vikings. old fashioned yes. sober, prolly not.


It will only be cool if they’re actual ninjas. If they’re at all like the shopping mall security around the U.S., you’re in for trouble.

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