Michael Andrew Hits 100m Fly Best Time (51.49) 1 Week After 100y Fly Best


It’s been a good week for Michael Andrew‘s butterfly.

The 20-year-old hit personal bests in both the 100-meter and 100-yard butterfly within eight days, thanks to this morning’s 51.49 meter swim. Andrew qualified first at the Des Moines Pro Swim Series, shaving .04 off of his career-best with a finals swim still to go. Just last Friday, Andrew knocked half a second off his 100-yard fly best, going 45.47 at the Carlsbad Sectional.

The versatile Andrew is still paring down his lineup for this summer’s U.S. Olympic Trials. His best Olympic hopes appear to be in the 100 breast and 50 free, where he was part of Team USA’s World Championships roster last summer. Andrew was 6th at Worlds in the 50 free and 19th in the 100 breast.

On the other hand, Andrew could also contest several other events, including the 100 fly, 100 back or 200 IM. Last summer, his  IM looked like the best of those three events, with his lifetime/season-best 1:57.49 sitting #2 among Americans. His lifetime/season-best 53.40 in the 100 back was 5th among Americans, and his season-best 100 fly (52.83) just 7th among Americans.

Michael Andrew: 2019 End-of-Season Ranks among U.S. Athletes

  • 50 free: 2nd
  • 100 breast: 4th
  • 100 back: 5th
  • 100 fly: 7th
  • 200 IM: 2nd

This season, though, Andrew rockets to #1 among Americans in the 100 fly, four tenths ahead of former national leader Tom Shields (51.73). Those ranks should shift significantly in the next few months as top athletes gear up for long course meters, but it’s worth noting that Andrew beat most of the top American Olympic contenders in prelims this morning: world champ Caeleb Dressel was 52.40 and Worlds semifinalist Jack Conger 52.71.

With his swim this morning, Andrew remains #15 all-time among U.S. performers, but is now just a hair from passing Ryan Lochte for #14. Only five American men have ever been under 51 in the race: Dressel, Maxime Rooney (focused on short course yards, for the moment, as he finishes out his senior year in the NCAA), Michael Phelps, Ian Crocker and Tyler McGill.

Getting by either Dressel or Rooney seems a tall order. But the event fits well enough in Andrew’s likely Trials lineup that it could at least be worth a shot. Here’s where all of Andrew’s potential events fall in the Trials order:

Day 1:

  • 100 breast prelims
  • 100 breast semifinals

Day 2:

  • 100 back prelims
  • 100 breast final
  • 100 back semifinal

Day 3:

  • 100 back final

Day 4:

  • none

Day 5:

  • 200 IM prelims
  • 200 IM semifinal

Day 6:

  • 100 fly prelims
  • 200 IM final
  • 100 fly semifinal

Day 7:

  • 50 free prelims
  • 100 fly final
  • 50 free semifinal

Day 8:

  • 50 free final

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1 year ago


1 year ago

Not that fast. My 16 year old broke 51 last week at Ohio regionals, but this guy gets way more coverage.

Reply to  Karen
1 year ago

why am i not surprised at your username..

Reply to  Karen
1 year ago

Who did that?

Reply to  ArtVanDeLegh10
1 year ago

No one in LCM, assuming that the SWIMS database is up to date.

Brian M
Reply to  Karen
1 year ago

Can’t figure out if this is sarcasm, ignorance, or just stretching for another way to hate on MA. I guess it makes for good theater though.

Reply to  Brian M
1 year ago

Given that the NAG is 52.40, I’d say it’s safe to assume that this is a joke. 🙂
(Or they’re talking about a SCY time. xD)

Reply to  N P
1 year ago

Can’t tell if insane orrrr.

Reply to  Brian M
1 year ago

indeed , its one of those posts that feel like >>>> BLoub

Reply to  Karen
1 year ago


Reply to  MonkeySeeMonkeyDooDoo
1 year ago

Karen gonna karen

Reply to  Karen
1 year ago

Its called the metric system

Reply to  taa
1 year ago

Karen is a troll account, you guys.

1 year ago

He better plan on being sub 51 come June. Im sure he will have a huge taper. Surfing and doing 2,000 meters a day is a solid base.

Texas swims in a short pool
Reply to  Lpman
1 year ago

Someone is salty that Michael Andrew is better than them.

Reply to  Lpman
1 year ago

He might be sub 51 tonight

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