Mental Health for Athletes: A Yoga Practice of Non-Judgment

Mental Health for Athletes Yoga and Meditation Class Series

The video above is a part of a series of six yoga and meditation classes that are designed for athletes with a special focus on mental health.

The six classes have three different focuses:

  1. Self-compassion
  2. Self-judgement
  3. Self-acceptance

One yoga class and one meditation class will be centred around each of these concepts.

All of these classes have been created to assist athletes improve their mental wellness and to support the Student-Athlete Mental Health Initiative

Click her to find out how you can support the Student-Athlete Mental Health Initiative.


“Deciding to be a better person makes us a better person. Not beating ourselves up.” – Jodi Aman

Every athlete needs to evaluate their performances, which gives them the opportunity to find more ways to improve. Too often athletes see what they did poorly and ignore what they did well. This creates a harsh pattern of self-judgment that can carry over to all areas of their life.

Many athletes do not separate themselves from their performances. When athletes begin to judge themselves as harshly as they do their performances it can have a very negative affect on their mental health.

No matter how you have performed one thing must be remembered; who you are is enough.

Olympic gold medalist and former world record holder Rebecca Soni told me in a recent conversation this is still something she has to work on consistently.

Being you is enough. Of course go for your dreams and keep evolving, but you are enough. It is still something I am constantly learning. Some days I have to remind myself that yeah I didn’t crush five hours in the pool. Shoot I didn’t even work out at all.

Some days I walk my dog and everyone is happy. That is a good day.

This yoga practice is designed to help athletes practice a mindset of non-judgment.


The yoga classes in this series are taught by Jeff Grace who is a registered yoga therapist.

Jeff holds diplomas in Coaching (Douglas College-New Westminster, BC) and High Performance Coaching (National Coaching Institute – Calgary, Alberta). He has a background of over 20 years coaching both swimmers and triathletes.

At the age of 26 Jeff was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder you can read more about his story here.

You can find out more about Jeff at and

The meditation classes in this series are taught by Eliza Jane who received her Masters in Integrative Health from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Growing up, she played hockey on the national and collegiate level and is passionate about bringing mindfulness and self-compassion practices to athletes of all levels.

Mental Health

She lives in Vancouver, BC where she works as a wellness coach, meditation teacher, and group fitness instructor. To learn more about Eliza, visit her website at

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About Jeff Grace

Jeff Grace

Jeff is a 500 hour registered yoga teacher who holds diplomas in Coaching (Douglas College) and High Performance Coaching (National Coaching Institute - Calgary). He has a background of over 20 years in the coaching profession, where he has used a unique and proven teaching methodology to help many achieve their …

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