Mental Health

Taylor Ruck Opens Up On Eating Disorder That’s Plagued Career In Recent Years

Canadian Olympian Taylor Ruck reveals the issues she’s had with an eating disorder in recent years in an interview with Canadian paper The Globe and Mail.


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Self-Talk Has the Power to Build You up or Break You Down – The Choice Is Yours

Even the best swimmers in the world struggle at times with their inner-dialogue, with the Restoic App, you’ll learn how to overcome this obstacle and thrive.

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American Swimming Coaches Association Partners with Mental Fitness App Restoic

Restoic continues to support swim programs across the country by empowering swimmers to increase confidence, decrease anxiety, and optimize performance.

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How Swim Programs Are Gaining a Competitive Advantage Through Mental Training

In the past year, swim clubs and universities across the country have used Restoic for Teams as a holistic approach to peak performance and mental wellness.

In His Own Words: Alexander Graham Details Ups & Downs On The Journey To Tokyo

After winning two Olympic medals in Tokyo, Australian Alexander Graham gives some insight into some of the mental battles he’s overcome in the sport.

Yui Ohashi Reveals 2015 Anemia, 2019 Confidence Struggles Before Olympic Golds

In an interview, double Olympic gold medalist Yui Ohashi revealed two major health struggles that have impacted her career: one physical and one mental.

How Olivia Smoliga Has Gained Confidence & Reduced Anxiety With Mental Training

In the past year, the Olympic gold medalist has learned how to overcome adversity and unlock the power of positive thinking using the Restoic App.

More Mental Health

What Is Overtraining Syndrome – And How Does It Affect Athletes?

Symptoms include fatigue, faster heart rate even well after practice, and sore muscles, which can lead to decreased performance.

Phelps Hugs Schmitt For Reasons Far Beyond Swimming

Both Schmitt and Phelps have gone public about their serious struggles with an insidious ugly monster called depression.

How to Be More Fearless During the Main Set

The main set is the meat potatoes of your swim practice. Are you giving it all of the effort that your swimming and big goals deserve?

Shouts From The Stands: Sometimes Holding On Does More Damage Than Letting Go

“This life lesson is something that I am just starting to come to terms with…swimming was what taught it to me.”

Speaking With Athletes About Mental Health and Wellness

Speaking about mental health is not easy. Most coaches are not trained in the field of psychology, which leaves them feeling uncomfortable …

Mental Health First Aid: Tools and Skills to Help Support Athletes

Why should you add Mental Health First Aid to the list of certifications you already have to take? Simple, because mental health affects us all.

Depression & Anxiety TOOLKIT for Athletes Launched by Champion’s Mojo

Champion’s Mojo hosts Kelly Palace & Maria Parker have launched the interactive toolkit with resources from experts in dealing with depression and anxiety.

What Swimmers Can Do to Be More Focused at Practice

Being able to control your focus means you are going to swim with better technique, get more enjoyment from the process, and ultimately, swim faster.