Liendo And Hayden: Canada’s Newest Olympic Sprinting Duo


Day 3 of 5 has concluded at the 2021 Canadian Olympic Trials and another NUMBER swimmers have joined the country’s roster for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics this summer.


Note: This is a presumptive list based on results from the 2021 Canadian Olympic Trials and has not yet been made official by Swimming Canada

Canadian Olympic Swimming Roster 2021 (Pre-Trials):

In the men’s 50 freestyle, Josh Liendo and Brent Hayden went 1-2 and both got under the FINA A standard of 22.01. Hayden took first place with a 21.82 while Liendo followed in a 21.90.

This duo of sprinters is particularly notable when you look at the fact that Josh Liendo was only a month old when Brent Hayden won his first major international Olympic medal.

Hayden raced for Canada at the 2002 Commonwealth Games and wound up on the podium in the men’s 4×100 freestyle alongside Craig Hutchinson, Matthew Rose, and Rick Say. That race took place on July 30, 2002, and nearly 1 month later, Josh Liendo was born on August 20, 2002.

Fast forward 19 years and the 2 men have delivered a top 2 finish in the men’s 50 freestyle and will likely be nominated to the Canadian Olympic squad. This is Liendo’s second qualification so far adding to his 100 butterfly win. Hayden will be hoping to add the 100 freestyle to his program later this week.

In addition to Hayden, Finlay Knox added his name to the team during day 3 finals by winning the men’s 200 IM in a 1:58.07 for a new national record. That swim was under the FINA A cut of 1:59.67 meaning that Knox will race for Canada at the Tokyo Games.

Sydney Pickrem won the women’s 200 IM with a 2:09.24 to affirm her pre-selection in the event and Kelsey Wog took the silver medal with a 2:10.21 to add the event to her Olympic lineup. On day 2 of racing Wog swam to victory in the 100 breast to qualify for the team.

In the women’s 50 freestyle, Kayla Sanchez pulled out the win with a 24.66 to just out-swim the 24.77 FINA A standard and add her name to the roster. That swim was an improvement upon her best time in the event of 24.81 from just last month.

Finally, Summer McIntosh has added the 800 freestyle to her Olympic program by swimming an 8:29.48 for the gold medal. That’s well under her PB of 8:35.12 which she swam a few weeks ago and gets her under the 8:33.36 FINA A.

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Triple fly kick on breaststroke pullout enthusiast
2 years ago

average Kieren Smith fan vs average Brett, Laszlo and Tom enthusiast

who wins?

Texas Tap Water
2 years ago

Are we in 2007?

SwimFan NU
Reply to  Texas Tap Water
2 years ago

Fun fact Brent Hayden has been around for longer than KD who was drafted in 2007 woah

Canuck fan
2 years ago

Kayla Sanchez is missing from the list of swimmers. I think the title should say ‘ …roster after day 3.’ ( not 2 as currently printed) I hope now she is on the team she can relax and swim a great 100 free.

2 years ago

Sounds like Hayden won his first medal before Liendo was born (the article states Liendo was 1 month old instead)

2 years ago

It’s official; Summer McIntosh is significantly faster than Katie Ledecky at 14 in the 200FR and 400FR, and slightly faster in the 800FR as well (not to mention numerous other events).

Last edited 2 years ago by SwimmerFan99
Reply to  SwimmerFan99
2 years ago

tragically Ledecky’s career was cut short and we’ll never know what kind of swimmer she might have developed into.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  SwimmerFan99
2 years ago

Geez. One would hope so. It’s been 10 years.

Texas Tap Water
2 years ago

What 800 time did Ledecky swim at 14?

Last edited 2 years ago by Texas Tap Water
Reply to  Texas Tap Water
2 years ago

Not sure but she went 819 at the 2012 trials at 15.

Reply to  Texas Tap Water
2 years ago

Sounds like Katie Ledecky did an 8:30 at 14, just before her March birthday to turn 15. She had an 8:14 to win the gold in London a few months later. Honestly though I wish people would just let Summer Macintosh develop into her own athlete then constantly compare her to others.

Reply to  Texas Tap Water
2 years ago


There's no doubt that he's tightening up
2 years ago

Brent Hayden is a god