Kristof Milak Roars to Victory with 50.18 100 Fly, #9 Performance All-Time


Hungarian superstar Kristof Milak broke the Hungarian Record again in the men’s 100 fly, winning the race with a 50.18. Milak entered the meet with a personal best of 50.47, which he had swum last month. In prelims of the 100 fly, Milak tied the Championship Record of 50.64. He then came back for semifinals, shaving 0.02 seconds off his prelims swim, and taking sole ownership of the CR. His 50.18 from finals marked a lifetime best by 0.29 seconds.

Here is a split comparison between Milak’s 3 performances from these Championships, as well as his previous best of 50.47:

Kristof Milak Kristof Milak Kristof Milak Kristof Milak
2021 Euros Final – Hungarian Record, Championship Record 2021 Championship Record (Semifinals) 2021 Co-Championship Record (Prelims) Previous Personal best – April 2021
1st 50 23.58 23.72 24.15 23.84
2nd 50 26.60 26.90 26.49 26.63
Final Time 50.18 50.62 50.64 50.47

In finals tonight, Milak got out to a faster start than he did in semifinals, and came home faster than he did when he swam his previous best. the swim makes Milak, who is the World Record holder in the 200 fly, the #4 performer of all-time in the event. Here is the current list of the top 5 performers all-time in the event:

Rank Swimmer Time Country
1 Caeleb Dressel 49.50 USA
2 Michael Phelps 49.82 USA
3 Milo Cavic 49.95 SRB
4 Kristof Milak 50.18 HUN
5 Joe Schooling 50.39 SIN

Milak’s swim also stands as the 9th-fastest performance all-time:

Rank Swimmer Time Date
1 Caeleb Dressel 49.50 07/26/2019
2 Caeleb Dressel 49.66 07/27/2019
3 Michael Phelps 49.82 08/01/2009
4 Caeleb Dressel 49.86 07/29/2017
5 Milo Cavic 49.95 08/01/2009
6 Milo Cavic 50.01 07/31/2009
7 Caeleb Dressel 50.07 07/28/2017
8 Caeleb Dressel 50.08 07/28/2017
9 Kristof Milak 50.18 05/23/2021
10 Michael Phelps 50.22 07/09/2009

Additionally, Josif Miladinov won Silver tonight in the men’s 100 fly, swimming a new best mark of 50.93. The swim marks a new Bulgarian Record. Jakub Majerski took 4th tonight in 51.11, setting a new Polish Record in the process.

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1 year ago

In reality Milak is the second fastest in history in 100m butterfly as I estimate that during their prime (without the aid of the supersuits or semi-supersuits) Cavic was around 50,80 sec and Phelps was around 50,30 sec. Furthermore I do believe that Milak is able to challenge the 50 sec barrier in Tokyo and even break Cavic’s european record. Having said that any time below 49,80 sec is probably out of Milak’s reach.

Reply to  nicktamtam
1 year ago

Off the top of the head, does anyone know what Cavic’s best time was outside of 08-09?

Mr Piano
Reply to  thezwimmer
1 year ago

51.81 from London 2012 or something lol. The suit massively helped Cavic to not die on the last 50. Without it, he may never have contended with Phelps.

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
Reply to  Mr Piano
1 year ago

I could find 5 textile Cavic times under 52.

51.70 in 2007 Worlds heats.

51.45 at the 2012 European Champs.

51.90, 51.66, 51.81 at the 2012 Olympics heats, semis and finals.

In fairness, I think he had some injury problems post-2009, but that’s not a very long list of times under 52…

Coach Macgyver
Reply to  nicktamtam
1 year ago

You have to remember, Phelps had to race several events leading up to the 100 fly. Had he just focused on say fly/free, then I’m sure we would have seen him take the 100 fly record much further.

1 year ago

Thanks magic

1 year ago

Sub 50 to medal in Tokyo? Glad to see this event getting so much faster in recent years.

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
Reply to  SVIRD
1 year ago

Who’s your third pick to dip under 50? Minakov? Miladinov? Don’t see it tbh.

flex tape cant fix that

practice schooling

Reply to  flex tape cant fix that
1 year ago

Joke is dead already.

1 year ago

Michael Andrew and Kristof Milak putting some heat on Dressel. Interesting to see Dressel’s time at Olympic trials.

1 year ago

I’d like to see a comparison of this swim to Dressel. No doubt Dressel’s start, turn, underwaters and finish are better. As to speed in the middle of the pool I’d say it’s close and possibe even that Milak is faster? Also, just throwing this out there, if this was 2009 and Milak was super-suited he would be faster than Phelps.

1 year ago

Final time for today’s final in the first table says 50.62 and not 50.18
And it also lists Milak as from USA in the top 5 performers chart

Last edited 1 year ago by Arisuin
1 year ago

He seems to be updating his best in the first half 50m of 100m instead of 50m.

Reply to  dddd
1 year ago

Well, if he is close to dressel after first 50 he can try to run over

Mr Piano
Reply to  Rafael
1 year ago

Well his 2nd 50 is currently the same as Dressel’s. Milak came back in 26.60, and Dressel came back in 26.63, but went out in 22.8.

Reply to  Rafael
1 year ago

I think people are forgetting that outside of Pan-Pacs in 2018, Dressel has only been slower than 50.08 once at a major international meet in the 100 fly (I’m pretty sure prelims in Gwangju and that’s it). He also massively improved his 100 fly in SCM so while Milak’s swim is incredible and he can most likely go 49, Dressel is still well ahead of the rest of the world

Mr Piano
Reply to  Dudeman
1 year ago

Hell, he was still 50.5 at 2018 Nats after missing training due to his motorcycle accident.

That guy
Reply to  Mr Piano
1 year ago


Last edited 1 year ago by That guy
Reply to  Mr Piano
1 year ago

hence why I specified “major international meet”

Mr Piano
1 year ago

Can’t wait for the sub

Last edited 1 year ago by Mr Piano