Kristof Milak Drops Freestyle Events At Worlds As Hungary Finalizes Fukuoka Roster


The landscape of the men’s 100 and 200 freestyle events has seen a significant shift as Kristof Milak has dropped out of both races.

Milak, who was the third-fastest 100 freestyler in the world last year, will only contest the 100 and 200 butterfly at the 2023 World Championships, with the Hungarian Swimming Federation finalizing the roster for Fukuoka on Thursday.

Milak was originally slated to race the 100 free, 200 free, 100 fly and 200 fly when the initial roster was announced in April.

A total of 28 swimmers will represent Hungary in the pool after 23 were initially selected, with Daniel Meszaros, Daniel Meszaros (two different swimmers by the same name) Adam TelegdyLilla AbrahamLora Fanni Komoroczy and Dora Molnar having been added to the roster.

Additionally, Gabor Zombori is no longer on the Fukuoka roster, with the Hungarian Federation noting that he’s opting to compete at the U23 European Championships instead.


Men (14)

Women (14)

Milak also only raced the 100 and 200 fly at the 2022 World Championships, winning gold in both while also providing some blistering relay splits of 46.89 and 1:44.68 in the 400 and 800 free relay, respectively.

Two months later at the European Championships, he won silver in the 100 free in a time of 47.47, and also tackled the 200 free individually, placing 10th in 1:47.47 (on the back end of a tough double) while anchoring the 800 free relay to gold in a blistering 1:44.42.

If Milak opted to race the freestyle events in Fukuoka, he would’ve had a double with the 200 free final and the 200 fly semis on the third night of action.

Milak was Hungary’s only medalist at the 2022 World Championships, while Balazs Hollo (M 400 IM), Hubert Kos (M 200 IM), Benedek Kovacs (M 200 back), Nandor Nemeth (M 100 free), Szebasztian Szabo (M 50 free, 50 fly), Katalin Burian (W 200 back), Boglarka Kapas (W 200 fly) and Dora Molnar (W 200 back) return as individual finalists from last year.

Two mainstays on Hungarian teams for a number of years, Katinka Hosszu and Tamas Kenderesi, were also finalists at the 2022 championships but won’t compete this year. Hosszu is currently expecting a child, while Kenderesi is dealing with biological passport doping allegations.

The Hungarian Federation also announced its rosters for the open water competition in Fukuoka, along with the teams for the European Junior Championships, European U23 Championships and the World University Games, which can be found below.

Open Water World Championship Team, Fukuoka (July 15-20)



European Junior Team – Belgrade (July 4-9)


  • Máté Ángyan
  • Zoltán Bagi
  • Levente Balogh
  • Mátyás Harsányi
  • Máté Hartmann
  • Kakukk Koppány
  • Kis Noel
  • Hunor Kovács Seres
  • Alex Kováts
  • Magda Boldizsár
  • Milán Sámóczi


  • Glenda Abonyi Tóth
  • Minna Ábrahám Lilla
  • Dorottya Barna Bianka
  • Lia Csulák
  • Dapsy Hanna
  • Elekes Tamara
  • Nora Flück
  • Lili Gyurinovics
  • Jackl Vivien
  • Lora Fanni Komoróczy
  • Dora Molnar
  • Nikoletta Padar
  • Laura Veres

European U23 Championship, Dublin (August 10-13)


  • Benedek Andor
  • Benedek Bóna
  • László Gálicz
  • Ádám Jászó
  • Attila Kovács
  • Zalán Sárkány
  • Márk Török Dominik
  • Gabor Zombori


  • Eszter Békési
  • Réka Nyírádi
  • Panna Ugrai

Universiade Team (Chengdu, July 29-August 4)

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1 year ago

There’s strong rumours in Hungary he’s been out of training for quite some time after the Nationals but no one really knows why, but it doesn’t seem to have been physical illness. He’s probably not on a good enough form now to do individual free, but I wouldn’t rule out him swimming 200free next year though.

Reply to  Greg
1 year ago

Homies legacy is written in stone already. Let him live a little.

"Brilliance" of Mr. Sós
1 year ago

Another nonsense line-up, but what else should we expect from a nepotistic federation like the Hungarian to do.
Cutting ZOMBORI from the team for mr. teledgy who is washed up, having the 5th fastest time in the 200 medley, still making the team.

The third of the swimmer are in a terrible form like Mihalyvari, Molnar Dora, Minna or the younger Meszaros.
Hungary will fail miserably in the both 4×200 relays. Or in the medley events.

Without Milak in the 4×200 they are at least 3,5 SECONDS SLOWER.

And Milak probably had a mental breakdown like Peaty or Dressel, thanks to his teammates undeperforming and the federation breaking every pre-made deals and entries for him, and not for… Read more »

David popovici’s left toe
Reply to  "Brilliance" of Mr. Sós
1 year ago

Bro you need to take a deep breath. Maybe Zombori opted to do U23 Euros because he is a medal contender there unlike worlds.
Also let’s not make assumptions about other swimmer’s form based on a meet that was months ago.

"Brilliance" of Mr. Sós
Reply to  David popovici’s left toe
1 year ago

No thank you, the incompetence of the hungarian federation is endless.
Like every normal nationals are at least 6 days long in the World, in Hungary, is ONLY FOUR.

And why in the world an OLYMPIAN, and junior world champion want to race at a nonsense under 23 european champs.

1 year ago


1 year ago

I’m seeing double here: four Daniel Meszaros’s

"Brilliance" of Mr. Sós
Reply to  Sub13
1 year ago

There are two of them, de older one is swimmer of BVSC, while the other who is only a year younger swims for FTC.

Last edited 1 year ago by "Brilliance" of Mr. Sós
Reply to  Sub13
1 year ago

There’s 2 of them: one born 2003 the other 2004.
Good job not both in the same year:)

1 year ago

In the 100 fly his chances are not a given. As good as he is in the freestyle he isn’t touching Popovici, and he may not even get a podium with the likes of Hwang or that Pan teenager from China.

That and whatever thar comment from the Hungarian coach means, as dissapointing as it is as a swim fan it makes sense he’s keeping his focus narrow for the big meet.

1 year ago

the head coach yesterday said, “His preparation after the Hungarian championships was not good, but I dont want to elaborate, and we dont want to add new events”. whatever that means…

Summer is Titmus’ Sleep Paralysis Demon
Reply to  zzzzzz
1 year ago

He probably got “sick” or had “food poisoning” so he couldn’t train to his full potential.

"Brilliance" of Mr. Sós

He is getting sick of the nepotism & the nonsese of the hungarian swimming federation, the same happened to Katinka as well 6,5 years ago. Nothing has changed ever since.

Summer is Titmus’ Sleep Paralysis Demon
Reply to  "Brilliance" of Mr. Sós
1 year ago

Sir I was just joking! But that’s interesting! And they want to move the FINA headquarters there!? Is FINA corrupt like FIFA?


The current situation in Hungary is probably one of the reasons FINA wants to move there lol. As for your second question: I am sure you have eyes and some form of rudimentary intelligence (joking as well).

Reply to  zzzzzz
1 year ago

I mean he’s 23 we can probably guess what it means.

Summer is Titmus’ Sleep Paralysis Demon
1 year ago

chlorinedaddy has the other girlies scared!


The guy’s a sweetheart, nobody is afraid of him.

1 year ago

Soos said he had some obstacles in his preparation lately. No one expected him not to swim the free events, it just didn’t seem prudent, in light of, whatever it was,

"Brilliance" of Mr. Sós
Reply to  Grumpie
1 year ago

Thats not true at all, he wanted, the program is good for 200 free, but communism like communication of the hungarian swimming fed. results some mental breakdowns for Milak and missing training for weeks.

About James Sutherland

James Sutherland

James swam five years at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, specializing in the 200 free, back and IM. He finished up his collegiate swimming career in 2018, graduating with a bachelor's degree in economics. In 2019 he completed his graduate degree in sports journalism. Prior to going to Laurentian, James swam …

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