Milak, Kos, Padar Head Up Hungary’s Initial 2023 World Championships Roster

The Hungarian Swimming Federation announced a 23-strong initial roster of athletes selected for this summer’s World Championships in Fukuoka, Japan.

12 males and 11 females comprise the list which includes World Record holder Kristof Milak, IM ace Hubert Kos and multi-World Junior Championships gold medalist Nikolett Padar.

These swimmers are considered ‘protected’ in their respective events. Through June, however, Hungarians can still vie for the spots where there is only one current swimmer listed for an event or where there have been no World Championships qualifiers as of yet.

At the 2022 World Championships, Hungary placed 7th in the overall swimming medal table, courtesy of Milak’s gold medal-winning performances in the 100m and 200m fly.

Currently, there are 4 Hungarian swimmers ranked among the top 5 performers in their respective events this season and they are all on the men’s side.

Szebasztian Szabo ranks 4th in the 50m free (21.82) and 3rd in the 50m fly (22.93); Milak ranks 2nd in the 100m fly (50.80) and 1st in the 200m fly (1:52.58); Kos ranks 3rd in the 200m back (1:55.95) and Benedek Kovacs ranks 4th in the 200m back (1:56.11).

Missing from the roster are Olympic medalists Tamas Kenderesi and Katinka Hosszu. We reported how Kenderesi is currently engaged in a doping situation involving his biological passport while Hosszu is pregnant with her first child.



Dávid Betlehem, Balázs Holló, Hubert Kós, Benedek Kovács, Richard Márton, Kristóf Milák, Nándor Németh, Kristóf Rasovszky, Sebasztián Szabó, Áron Székely, Dávid Verrasztó, Gábor Zombori


Katalin Burián, Bettina Fábián, Nóra Flück, Zsuzsanna Jakabos, Boglárka Kapás, Ajna Késely, Viktória Mihályvári-Farkas, Nikolett Pádár, Dalma Sebestyén, Petra Senánszky, Eszter Szabó-Feltóthy

Specific Events

Man Event Woman
Sebastien Szabó 50 free Petra Senánszky
Kristóf Milák 100 free
Nándor Németh 100 free
Kristóf Milák 200 free Nikolett Pádár
Nándor Németh 200 free Ajna Késely
Kristóf Rasovszky 400 free Ajna Késely
Balázs Holó 400 free Bettina Fabian
David Betlehem 800 free Ajna Késely
Kristóf Rasovszky 800 free Viktoria Mihályvári-Farkas
Kristóf Rasovszky 1500 free Viktoria Mihályvári-Farkas
David Betlehem 1500 free Nora Flück
Sebastien Szabó 50 butterfly
Kristóf Milák 100 butterfly
Hubert Kos 100 butterfly
Kristóf Milák 200 butterfly Boglarka Kapas
Richard Márton 200 butterfly Zsuzsanna Jakabos
Áron Székely 50 back
Benedek Kovács 100 back
Hubert Kos 100 back
Benedek Kovács 200 back Eszter Szabó-Feltóthy
Hubert Kos 200 back Katalin Burián
Hubert Kos 200 IM Sebestyén Dalma
Gabor Zombori 200 IM
Balázs Holó 400 IM Viktoria Mihályvári-Farkas
David Verrastó 400 IM Zsuzsanna Jakabos

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5 months ago

Milak is going to drop the 100free right? It conflicts with the 200fly

Reply to  John26
5 months ago

Most likely. He will probably swim in the prelims though, and then scratch the semifinal.

5 months ago

What about USA squad?

5 months ago

USA squad should be interesting!

5 months ago

Australia would have loved to have milak kos in its roster

Reply to  Papanna
5 months ago

Hi Vinay

Reply to  phelpsfan
5 months ago

Hello sir! How are you? How is life?

5 months ago

You should have someone double check the Hungarian spelling of names for you.
While I’m delighted to see at least a part of your article lists these athletes’ names properly spelled containing the important diacritical marks above the vowel sound (such as Á,É,Ó,Ö,Í,Ü,etc),

Kristóf Milák 200 butterfly Kápás Buttercup

While I know, that this is Boglárka Kapás, the 2019 World Champion of the 200 fly, others might not.

Reply to  Ujonc
5 months ago

Chill man, no need to be so upset about it. It is hard for SwimSwam to translate articles directly from Hungarian with how bad google translate works for this language, props for them for trying. And typing letters with diacritical marks on an US keyboard is a nightmare anyways.
If you want to point fingers, maybe ask the question, why is the Hungarian Swimming Association still not have an English site or at least why don’t they bother translating the more important articles to English themselfs? It is part of their job to promote Hungarian swimming not just in Hungary but all around the world.

Also fun fact for those who are interested: Buttercup is the literal translation of Boglárka.

Reply to  Goag
5 months ago

I am Hungarian and I understand it’s hard to get it right. But your comment is just rude.

And typing isn’t really part of it, you can cut and paste names

Last edited 5 months ago by SpellCheckNot
Reply to  Ujonc
5 months ago

The team at the moment:

Férfi versenyszám Nő
Szabó Szebasztián 50 gyors Senánszky Petra
Milák Kristóf 100 gyors
Németh Nándor 100 gyors
Milák Kristóf 200 gyors Pádár Nikolett
Németh Nándor 200 gyors Késely Ajna
Rasovszky Kristóf 400 gyors Késely Ajna
Holló Balázs 400 gyors Fábián Bettina
Betlehem Dávid 800 gyors Késely Ajna
Rasovszky Kristóf 800 gyors Mihályvári-Farkas Viktória
Rasovszky Kristóf 1500 gyors Mihályvári-Farkas Viktória
Betlehem Dávid 1500 gyors Flück Nóra
Szabó Szebasztián 50 pillangó
Milák Kristóf 100 pillangó
Kós Hubert 100 pillangó
Milák Kristóf 200 pillangó Kapás Boglárka
Márton Richárd 200 pillangó Jakabos Zsuzsanna
Székely Áron 50 hát
Kovács Benedek 100 hát… Read more »

Reply to  Brownish
5 months ago

Free, butterfly, backstroke, IM.

Last edited 5 months ago by Brownish
5 months ago

No Breaststrokers so far, no Medley relays?
Unless I misunderstood something, this is 1 out of 2 chances to qualify relays for the 2024 Olympics.

Reply to  Dan
5 months ago

Hungary doesn’t really have competent breaststrokers on either the women’s or the men’s side right now. As long as that’s the case – according to head coach Soós – Hungary won’t even try to qualify in the medley relays.

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