Katie Ledecky: I’ve had the 2 best months of training in my life (Video Interview)

Video produced by Coleman Hodges.

Reported by Anne Lepesant.

Katie Ledecky of Nation’s Capital did what she does best – she jumped out to an impossible lead by the 50 and just kept building from there. Ledecky was under world record pace for about the first half of the race, but ended up with 8:13.02. North Baltimore’s Lotte Friis came in second with 8:31.65. Kristel Kobrich took third in 8:41.06.

The fourth-fastest time overall belonged to Tjasa Oder of Tucson Ford, who went 8:48.28 in the morning heats. Madelyn Donohoe of The Fish (8:51.93) and Valerie Gruest of Guatemala (8:51.98), also from the morning heat, placed fifth and sixth.

Vien Nguyen (8:52.74) and Kirsten Jacobsen of Barrington (8:53.69), swimming in lanes 2 and 1 of the evening heat, placed seventh and eighth overall.

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7 years ago

18 seconds ahead of Lotte Frijs ??? insane – ridiculous consitency . Even in the 100 free , she is pretty skilled allready . Amazing talent . period

7 years ago

She will always have the 100/200 when she gets older and the 800/1500 becomes too much. Though she’s gonna dominate everyone until Tokyo.

wild Bill
7 years ago

Any decision on Stanford this fall or taking a year off for more focused Rio 2016 training?

7 years ago

Go pro!!! My favorite swimmer

7 years ago

Thanks! I never thought to Google it, LOL, I thought it was some kind of inside swimming info that only elite coaches know about!

7 years ago

I want to learn about these “John Urbanchek Color Charts”!

Reply to  Danjohnrob
7 years ago

Here’s the top hit from Google search “jon urbanchek color charts”: http://www.findingfreestyle.com/?q=colorzones

Lots more there…

Reply to  Chooch
7 years ago

I remember the cards from around 1993 with my D3 program. They’ve probably gone in and out of training fashion a few times since then.

I feel old now.

7 years ago

I will be very sad when she peaks. If I had to guess when she will, I would say next year might be her olympic peak, the year or two after will be her overall peak. (In regards to distance events. Coughlin threw down a 52 split in 2013. Age like 30 or whatever)

However, how long she stays relevant in the sport is a totally different question. Right now her life bests are so far ahead, that even if she began to slowly decline, she would still win for quite some time.

7 years ago

Prediction: 15:25 in the 1500

Jim C
Reply to  Pvk
7 years ago

Not in Kazan if she plans to swim a 200m semi-final less than half an hour after she finishes the 1500m. If the schedule is like Barcelona, I think she could swim both–but she would basically just swim to win the 1500m.

Reply to  Jim C
5 months ago


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