Josh Liendo Re-Breaks Canadian Record in 100 Fly With 50.36 to Move to 5th All-Time


Josh Liendo has done it again. 

After breaking his own 100 butterfly Canadian record during prelims with a 50.78, Liendo shattered his mark in finals, posting a time of 50.36 to dominate the race from start to finish. 

Splits Comparison

50 23.62 23.94 23.63
100 50.36 (26.74) 50.78 (26.84) 50.88 (27.25)

As compared to his swim from this morning, Liendo was out significantly faster on the first 50 meters, giving himself a .3 second advantage. He then closed a tenth of a second faster than he did during his prelims swim, ultimately knocking just over .4 off of his final time. 

Prior to today, the Canadian Record stood at a 50.88 Liendo posted last year at the Canadian World Championship Trials. 

With his swim, Liendo moves past 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling to become the 5th-fastest performer of all-time, behind the likes of Caeleb Dressel, Michael Phelps, and Kristof Milak. Liendo also re-establishes himself as the fastest swimmer in the world this season, well ahead of American Shaine Casas, who is ranked 2nd.

By surpassing Schooling, Liendo also became the new Commonwealth record holder. Schooling’s best time of 50.39 from the Olympic Games was the former mark and Liendo is now the quickest man in history from a Commonwealth nation.

All-Time Top Performers – Men’s 100m Butterfly 

  1. Caeleb Dressel – 49.45 (2021)
  2. Kristof Milak – 49.68 (2021)
  3. Michael Phelps – 49.82 (2009)
  4. Milorad Cavic – 49.95 (2009)
  5. Josh Liendo – 50.36 (2023)
  6. Joseph Schooling – 50.39 (2016)

2022-2023 LCM Men 100 Fly

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Liendo just finished his freshman season at the University of Florida where he picked up a silver medal in the 100 butterfly, silver in the 50 freestyle, and a gold in the 100 freestyle at the 2023 NCAA Championships. With his performance here, he qualified to race at the 2023 World Championships, marking his 2nd long course World Championships appearance. At the 2022 long course World Championships, Liendo finished 3rd in this event with a time of 50.97, just behind Kristof Milak (50.14) and Naoki Mizunuma (50.94). 


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Tracy Kosinski
8 months ago

Congrats to Josh on an excellent race and Ilya Kharun in making his first Canadian senior world’s team!!


8 months ago

Commonwealth Record too then……

Reply to  torchbearer
8 months ago

Yea true. Temple had it previously with a 50.45

Emily Se-Bom Lee
Reply to  Sub13
8 months ago

it was schooling’s

Reply to  Emily Se-Bom Lee
8 months ago

Ohhhh of course lol. For some reason I had Schooling in my head as HK instead of Singapore

Alex Wilson
8 months ago

Canada has a youth movement going as second in the 100 fly was Ilya Kharun who is still in highschool!

8 months ago

Why not include Ian Crocker’s 2005 World Championship time / WR in the list of top performers, 50.40, only 0.01 behind Schooling (Crocker was out in 23.51) along with Casas who did 50.40 in 2022

Last edited 8 months ago by Dan
Reply to  Dan
8 months ago

Because they listed the top 5?

Beginner Swimmer at 25
Reply to  Sub13
8 months ago

I count 6

Reply to  Beginner Swimmer at 25
8 months ago

Yes, the top 5 before Liendo with Liendo slotted in. That’s pretty much what they always do for records like this.

Reply to  Dan
8 months ago

Crocker’s 100 fly in Montreal still my favourite race ever. He broke Phelps with his first 50 and the turn.

Reply to  HappyG
8 months ago

Phelps still cites that race as the biggest beatdown he received in his career

8 months ago

nice, ahead of pace of Dressel now- Dressel was 50.87 at trials (but then obviously went 49.86 at worlds)

8 months ago

Lmao the likes of! Only left off cavic to name 4 of the 5, do we not say his name here?

8 months ago

Dressel decides to retire.

Mr Piano
Reply to  Weinstein-Smith-Ledecky-Sims
8 months ago

His PB is almost a second faster than Liendo

Philip Johnson
Reply to  Weinstein-Smith-Ledecky-Sims
8 months ago

I wouldn’t hang the gold medal around his neck yet .. there’s also Milak.

8 months ago

That Florida training is already paying off, 26.7 is some serious back end speed!

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