Joseph Schooling Entered in 2 Events at Austin Sectionals

2017 Southern Zone Sectionals – Austin

The 2017 Southern Zone Sectionals meet at Texas’ Lee & Joe Jamail Swim Center on the University of Texas campus won’t carry the same prestige as it sometimes does because of its proximity to the USA Swimming World Championship Trials, but there’s still plenty of talent in the Lone Star state to give the event some excitement.

That talent comes in many forms: local youth talent, who may or may not have made the trip to Trials or may be saving their tapers for Junior Nationals or the U.S. Open instead; American college swimmers from two of the best NCAA programs in the country the Texas men and Texas A&M women; and international swimmers from those same programs.

That last category includes Olympic gold medalist Joseph Schooling, who knocked off Michael Phelps in the 100 fly in Rio. Schooling hasn’t shown much this summer, but coming off the NCAA Championship meet, he’s had little motivation to do anything but train and wait for the World Championships at the end of July – he has no trials meet to worry about.

Schooling is scheduled to swim just the 100 free and 100 fly, perhaps hinting at a pared-down schedule for those World Championships. He’s the top seed in both races.

His female foil is Texas A&M swimmer Beryl Gastaldello, who is one of the fastest short course butterfliers in history. She’ll be a member of France’s delegation for the World Championships. She’s entered in the 100 back, 200 back, 100 free, and 100 fly at this weekend’s meet.

Other swimmers with name recognition at the meet include Tate JacksonTripp Cooper, Jonathan Roberts, and Brett Ringgold from the NCAA Champion Texas men’s team, Mexican National Teamers Ester Gonzalez and Mauro Castillo Luna from Texas A&M, and Princeton commit Regan Barney.


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Excited for what’s to come from Schooling at Worlds. The 100 Fly will be interesting!

Just sayin

Dressel VS Schooling rematch will hopefully be fun to watch. You’d be stupid not to favor Schooling but in my opinion just as stupid to count Dressel out.


Back to HS days, Dressel vs. Schooling in Fly

bobo gigi

On paper Schooling is the favorite but don’t forget Metella! He looked great last weekend. And I wouldn’t count Le Clos out. The fresher guy will have a big advantage. Schooling had that big advantage last year in Rio against MP, Le Clos and Cseh who had swum many events before. Dressel has an insane schedule for the moment. He still has time to reconsider it. 100 fly final is after 50 free final in the same session. I don’t see how he can win the 100 fly gold in that case at the end of such a long week with 3 rounds in each individual event. Metella will have the 100 free and the 4X100 free relay before. Le… Read more »


Le Clos should be swimming the 200 fly and 50 fly as well, and as for Schooling he’s swimming the 50,100, 200 fly and 100 free and for perspective, when he won bronze in 2015 he was coming off a heavy and tiring sea games schedule and swam 8 events in Kazan including relays, but this time no relays, so he should be pretty fresh!


Chad won’t enter in 50fly. Only 100, 200fly and 200 free for him.


No way he swims the 200 fly. If he does, the Shields Piano will be headed for his lane. He hasn’t had a good 200 fly in any course in nearly a year and a half.

crooked donald

No kidding. He died like a dog in the NCAA 200 fly prelims (1:45!), and he’d have to hold on for another 12 seconds in LCM. He may be cocky but he’s not stupid. No way he does it. He’s the 100 fly, period, and not competitive in anything else.

Hater of swimvortex

It seems French swimming tried very hard to find another hope.


France will have a 4×100 relay?

Steve Nolan

From all his interviews at Nats, he’s going to swim every event he qualified in.

crooked donald

Durden’s interview summed up best. Dressel is preparing at the beginning of the quad for big multi-event, multi-stroke things in Tokyo. This is just the first test at a big schedule on a world stage. He’s used to it from SECs and NCAAS. 12th swim at NCAAs went 40.0 in the 100 free, remember.

crooked donald

Bobo, Dressel did his 40.0 100 free in his 12th race of the NCAAs. His recuperative powers are insane.


And that was before he showed us his 200 LCM range. He will close better than anyone in the last 15 meters, and he has more easy speed than anyone in the field. Remember, too, he did a 21.5 50 free on the last night of Trials after all the events.

Just sayin

I really like Metella he’s a stud I hope he does well in Budapest.

crooked donald

Why is Schooling the favorite? Dressel crushed him the last time they swam at NCAAs, Dressel has a far faster time this year, and now Dressel is swimming up to 200’s, whereas Schooling has given up on them. Schooling’s only chance is that he’s a one event guy. He’ll be lucky to semifinal in the 100 free.


Because Schooling is the textile world record holder and reigning world champion (in the sense that he won the most recent world competition). Yes, Dressel beat him SCY, but LCM is a totally different animal. Yes, Dressel has a faster LCM time this year so far, but he’s double tapering and has a much heavier schedule.

I think either of them can win, and so it just comes down to who can put up a better time given the circumstances against them – Schooling perhaps not being in the same shape as last year, vs. Dressel who’s at his best form thus far but a much heavier load. I’d give 65-35 odds.

crooked donald

He’s the textile world record holder — if there is such a thing — only because Crocker started on old school, no wedge blocks 11 years earlier, and LeClos’s Kazan 50.5 came on his millionth race and after the rounds of 200 fly. Schooling beat a tired field (for LeClos and Phelps, very very tired) in Rio, when he had no target on his back. He’s the new Cavic, a one event wonder. He will be lucky to make the podium at Worlds.


Exactly. Only chance Schooling has — which he’s banking on by fleeing from other events —- is that the more talented swimmers that have multi-event potential like LeClos, Dressel, and Cseh are tired by the time the 100 fly comes around. Even there, LeClos and Dressel will beat him, and probably one of the others too. Schooling won’t be faster than at Rio. How could he be: his training hasn’t been the same, it’s not the crescendo to the big goal, and now the pressure’s on him and not the others.


Losers talking about tight schedules again..


I’m not sure if a .17 difference between 1st and 2nd at NCAAs qualifies as getting “crushed” (especially considering Schooling’s post-Olympic break).

Dressel has a lot of momentum coming out of WC Trials, but it’s pretty fair to view the reigning Olympic champ as the favorite in the 100 meter distance (an entirely different animal than yards).


The way Dressel blew by Schooling on the last 25 was indeed a “crush.”


I’d like to see Dressel hold his breath for the last 25 of the LCM 100 fly.

Justin Thompson

I’m guessing there will be zero taper for this meet, more of just getting in a few races before WC. I think he’ll go a 52 low 100 fly and 49 100 free.


He went a 51 high 100 fly at the Texas Senior Circuit untapered and according to the New Paper in Singapore he’s into his second week of taper so I think it’d be safe to say a 51 low or mid in the 100 fly


Wouldn’t be the worst idea to skip the 200 fly at worlds.
He doesn’t have a 1:53 in him…yet


We don’t know what he has in him, but come Worlds we dhall find out

crooked donald



He doesn’t have a 1:55 in him any more. Like you said, he’s Cavic all over again.

crooked donald

Except Schooling doesn’t have Cavic’s 50 fly game. Just the 100.


True. Just the 100 fly. Maybe a top 4 finish at Worlds.


He did a 1.56 untapered in May, wouldn’t he be able to go faster when tapered

crooked donald

Untapered. That’s funny. He was 6 weeks out from NCAAs and obviously was tapered for that 1:56. Kalisz was even still swimming fast at that meet, and he was training distance. (He beat Schooling, BTW). That was off Schooling’s best time from Kazan by 0.4 sec. Untapered was the 2:00 stinkeroo he put up last month. So, he’s never done a 1:55, and never will.

crooked donald

He’s never done a 1:55. There’s no “any more.”

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