Head of Swim

Job Description:

Date posted: April 22, 2021

Location: NH-25, Freedom, NH, USA

As Head of Swim, you will oversee all aspects of our waterfront area. Including, staff, instructional swim, free swim, snorkeling, our inflatable water obstacle course, and scuba diving. As Head of Swim Pier, you’ll ensure that the swim instructors teach in accordance with the standards of the Red Cross Learn To Swim Program. You must uphold a rigid standard of safety on the swim pier and ensure that all staff adhere to the same standard of safety and excellence. You will also promote a swimming program that is safe, comfortable, and encouraging. WSI certification is required. 

Receive room, board, on-site training, a salary of $800-$1,200 per week, AND MORE. We hire people from all around the world to help make summer camp a magical place for our campers and staff. 

How to Apply

Please email your resume to Dean at:

[email protected]

Contact Information


phone: 6035394997